Hardcap 148.009 ETH Whitelist and KYC needed to be approved for buying ICO

End goal
30 000 000
Sales started
411 days ago01 Jan 2018
Sales ends in
days31 Dec 2018

Bulleon is a Universal digital asset platform, which is also aimed at building a strong, concept-driven currency.


Project details

Started 01 January 2018
about 1 year ago
Development statusUnknown
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromMay 2019
Sold on presale1000-10 BLN/ETH
TagsPlatform (215)
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  • Token type
    Hardware walletNo


    Total tokens7970000
    Available for Token Sale7590000
    ICO Token Price1.2 USD


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    Vitaly Chizhov Co-Founder & CEO
    Arina Golubeva Co-founder & CMO
    Alex Golubev CTO -
    Syeed Hayder FInancial Analyst
    Anita Volk Graphic Designer
    Aanton Koltsov Blockchain Developer
    Davor Bebek Social Media Expert
    Mani Arjun Community Manager
    Denis Balabanov UX/UI Designer
    Nathan Christian Blockchain Advisor -
    Vladimir Nikitin (2) Legal Advisor
    Simon Cocking Marketing & PR Advisor -
    Phillip Nunn (3) Fintech Advisor
    Matti Vilola Finances Advisor -
    Nikolay Shkilev (2) Advisor
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