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Bella Protocol

Start date
09 Sep 2020
End date
09 Oct 2020

Bella Protocol is an aggregated user interface for existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols. Built by the ARPA project team, Bella Protocol aims to simplify the user experience of existing DeFi protocols, and to allow users to deploy their assets and earn yield with ease.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000
ICO Token Price1 BEL = 0.75 USD




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☀️The July progress review is out now! We update @BellaProtocol 's project activities and significant happenings within the past month to track our progress toward healthy business growth. 📖Take a look back at July and stay in the loop! https://t.co/yWWjH0zY1k

🌞 Gm! 🎙️ Check out an interview of our CEO @felixmxu by @HiltonSupra where they talked about @arpaofficial 's #MPC #BLS tech, Bella #Tuner, concepts and impacts of #DeFi and #CeFi 💻 Topics about #DeFi from 16:00-ish, watch and share your thoughts🤩

☀️The June progress review is out now! We update @BellaProtocol 's project activities and significant happenings within the past month to track our progress toward healthy business growth. 📖Take a look back at June and stay in the loop! https://t.co/uH9H6qkTUv

While #Cefi might lie to or ghost their clients, #DeFi removes human subjectivity in nature. Code shall do a better job protecting a fair financial market than opaque gatekeepers.⚖️ DeFi, with stronger stability + security, is the future.🚀🚀 https://t.co/5Ya7nlHUA2

🔎Before running a strategy, every parameter has to be fine tuned, to maximaze the performance. 💁‍♀️Tuner, a programmable, transaction-based #UniswapV3 simulator with perfect precision and strong efficiency, is here for you: https://t.co/1eMYTCJwxl

🥳Happy Friday! 🤗 @binance has completed the seventh round of $BEL airdrop distribution to $ARPA holders. Users can confirm the receipt of these tokens via the Distribution History page in the User Center. https://t.co/LgsOmgf3M4

🧐 In case you missed out this very newbie-friendly guide for #LiquidityProvider on #Uniswap V3. 🧑‍💻 And once you are ready for advanced-level, we have a very useful #Uniswapv3 simulation tool #Tuner for backtesting your #LP strategies! ⭐️Check https://t.co/m62821HsG0https://t.co/tgxZ1t0vxj

📖An educational piece on how #Uniswapv3 is surpassing order-book exchanges and transforming #TradFi market structure to be more liquid, stable, and secure. ☀️Enjoy and hope it helps explain why #Tuner specifically targets the Uniswap V3 ecosystem. https://t.co/08br8QR72w

😁Can't wait to speak with you guys! 🎙️ Have a lot to share with dear $BEL community and new friends with Coach! https://t.co/bkSp2Q0u96

👀Our May progress review in Tech & Community is out now! The market is volatile, but we are firmly determined as always. We appreciate your strong faith in Bella!💙 🤗Catch up with @BellaProtocol 's development dynamics and progress here: https://t.co/4HrnC9lgIr

gm!☀️ Made many new friends lately so let's review some fun facts about @BellaProtocol today! 🧙‍♀️Bella DeFi suite allows users to simply deposit and enjoy high yield from our yield farming strategy and staking program(1/🧵):


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