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Start date
01 Mar 2021
End date
07 Mar 2021

Aluna is a gamified social trading terminal that rewards top traders and enables beginners to learn from and auto-copy the world's best traders.

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Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale5%
ICO Token Price1 ALN = 0.1 USD


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🔥Proud to announce the birth of AlunaDAO!🔥 AlunaDAO is a community of $ALN token holders that will collectively own & govern the #DAO, creating long-term value for the ecosystem. This is a KEY milestone taking Aluna 1 step closer to decentralization! https://t.co/jnSEkcVvuy

Which exchange can you trade $ALN on❓ Small market cap gem 😍

Why connect your #Bitmex #Bitfinex #Binance #Bittrex #Gateio #Valr & #Poloniex accounts to Aluna❓ 1⃣Portfolio management 2⃣Trade execution across multiple exchanges 3⃣Sharing your trades 4⃣Leaderboard & Trading competitions 5⃣Copy & Counter-copy trading https://t.co/acyaXcClkb

Trading $ALN on @gate_io just got better! 🎯With the recent launch of AMM service, ALN traders now benefit from: ▪️ Deeper liquidity ▪️ Greater market depth ▪️ Lower slippage on ALN pairs ▪️ High-quality UX similar to #Uniswap 👉More details: https://t.co/mTTZIxOLnuhttps://t.co/KugRiqNTRt

🔥Top 3 Traders🔥 on Aluna #Leaderboard right now! Pump or dip, these guys are making serious gains! 😍 🥇 burikirobo - PnL: +3939%, WR:25%, Trades:4 🥈 magnus aka @mlai88 - PnL%: +3750%, WR:100%,Trades:1 🥉 bitcoinmf aka @LazyMFofficial - PnL%: +3168%, WR:100%, Trades:2 https://t.co/dZlbOMrXqM

🔥We’ve teamed up with @Gateio to launch a 100k $ALN Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool, with #LiquidityMining Rewards & annualized yield of up to 2,391.9%🚀 🤑Earn high yield for being a #liquidity provider & receive income from trading fees! Live NOW! https://t.co/mTTZIxOLnu

We have decided to postpone the Migration of $ALN Liquidity from Uniswap to Sushi to 15th Sep 2021, so as to allow the community to migrate before we do so. We encourage everyone to migrate to concentrate liquidity on 1 DEX. This can be done easily here: https://t.co/BZhXQzRSqthttps://t.co/3T53ECva6D

Your data is more valuable than #Gold or #BTC! 🔐At Aluna we keep your Exchange APIs encrypted in real-time & in a decentralized manner. Even if someone were to ever gain access to them, they would be unreadable and useless. ☠️✊ Stay #SAFU


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