End goal
2 400 000
Start date
16 Jul 2019
End date
16 Jul 2019

The Akropolis project is building the largest alternative pensions infrastructure in the world. We are creating decentralised pensions on the blockchain, built by and for the people, creating a safer financial future for humanity.

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Project details

Conditions Whitelist
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyAkropolis Decentralised Ltd., Gibraltar
Additional LinksPension crisis resources
Bounty program (Sharing, Review, Signature BT, Following)


Total tokens900000000
Available for Token Sale40%
ICO Token Price1 AKT = 0.0690 USD


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(1/2) 📢 Akropolis dApp Updates | Yearn Integration Upgrade 🆕 Users can now access all @iearnfinance vaults with positive APY 👀; 🆕 Get direct access to respective vaults by clicking on the token allocation that you would like to deposit; https://t.co/vQG5I15le7


(1/3) 🧵ICYMI: The Akropolis Subgraph has been deployed, indexed and now serving requests on the decentralised @graphprotocol . Using The Graph adds a layer of robustness, security, and reliability to the Akropolis dApp, reducing risk to the dApp’s uptime and user experience;

🧵Three common mistakes to avoid when dabbling in the #crypto space: 1. Lost keys. Digital transactions are created and signed using private keys on the blockchain, which act as a unique identifier to prevent unauthorised access to your cryptocurrency wallet.

❓FAQ: Where do I stake my $AKRO? 👉Go to https://t.co/4b02RshHh2 👉Connect your wallet; 👉Enter the amount you would like to deposit; 👉Click "Deposit"; 👉Confirm approval and deposit transaction (gas fees); 👉Sit back and earn up to 13.19% APR.

Good read 👀 - This article dissects the basic economics before unveiling the effects it has on the broader crypto market. TGIF. 🙂 https://t.co/1kUyBxfeMw

Did you know❓ Vesting at #Akropolis incentivise long-term #Akropolis users and token-holders with vesting rewards. Essentially, this means that you get a right to future (unlocked) rewards. Learn how it works from use cases for illustrations: https://t.co/GMOXKayys3

🧵 (1/5) What is composability? Composability refers to the interoperability of protocols within a design system. It makes #Crypto powerful, allowing anyone to take existing programs and adapt or build on them, unlocking new use cases that don’t exist in our world.

📰 A quick update on the development at Akropolis and check out a couple of good reads in our June Monthly Roundup: https://t.co/iBu6vfy37F Subscribe to get it delivered to your inbox!

The #Akropolis #DAO governance process will allow $AKRO HODLers to have a say in decisions affecting Akropolis, ensuring that they all hold a stake in the project and empowering them to participate in decision-making. Learn more: https://t.co/1IqhDFR6BLhttps://t.co/0iDWBPQbDd



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