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Africahead Ipparts

End goal
500 000
Sales started
316 days ago14 Aug 2018
Sales ends in
65 days31 Aug 2019

Africahead Ipparts are bakt by 48% of the Africahead brand value and will never be sold in another form than AFA.

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Project details

Started 14 August 2018
11 months ago
Development statusWorking product
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromAugust 2018
Sold on presaleNo
Hardware walletNo
Team fromSouth Africa
Registered companySouth Africa


Total tokens48000000
Available for Token Sale2500000
ICO Token Price25 USD


by @mdpienaar 0 followers

Don't be scared to suggest changes. South Africa needs major changes.

#SAelections2021 In the SA @DividedParty will form, i want to live in a canton where wealth is limited to 30'000'000 ZAR per human. If 100'000 individuals live there, the total wealth controlled by individuals will be 30'000'000'000'000 ZAR. Rest is controlled by legal persons.

#Politics If wealth is limited in South Africa at 500'000'000 ZAR per person, would anyone complain about it?

Politics are not rock shows. Politicians are not rock stars, although some can be. Politicians should not be deceivers because deceivers are selfish. Politicians should be honest because honesty causes logic. Voters must recognize good new ideas and new realizations.

#SAelections2021 Seeing the logic of @DividedParty ? Cessation doesn't work, due to false imperialist "Unity". Imperialism is not relevant in Switzerland therefore new cantons form there. All people want SD but imperialists don't want others to have SD. https://t.co/cKMtu5yuMo

#SAelections2021 Instead of attacking others verbally etc, SAns will do better by supporting @DividedParty (DiP). DiP can solve South Africa's problems, but DiP cannot do it alone. DiP needs fundraisers and leaders to help implement good ideas. https://t.co/NdJjXTklpn


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