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End goal
500 000
Sales started
126 days ago14 Aug 2018
Sales ends in
255 days31 Aug 2019

Africahead Ipparts are bakt by 48% of the Africahead brand value and will never be sold in another form than AFA.

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Started 14 August 2018
4 months ago
Development statusWorking product
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromAugust 2018
Sold on presaleNo
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    Hardware walletNo
    Team fromSouth Africa
    Registered companySouth Africa

    Token distribution

    Total tokens48000000
    Available for Token Sale2500000
    ICO Token Price25 USD


    by @mdpienaar 0 followers

    #philosophy #psychology Distinguishing between own thoughts and reality is easier said than done, especially for empiricists, which is strange, because empiricists promote the existence of facts. The reason is, empiricists also motivate the use of lies as pragmatic.

    #SAelections2019 #DividedPartyDiP is rational. Unification is myth. Is one of those things many lied about due to dogma; infringing on rights of individuals because "the individual" get ostracized and excommunicated because of the fallacious idea, "unity". Respect difference. https://t.co/w8uCBhlsBZ

    The circumstances at the time of the "trek boere" can be compared to the current situation of many people migrating far and wide, into Europe, for example. A movie director said, defenders always win. A generalisation, implying God do not favour a specific nation, rather a way. https://t.co/YRKnRaGVXb

    People who generalise too much should rather leave serious thinking to others, because words like "all", "everyone", "nothing", are usually false. Once wrote it to Editor of a big daily. He published the letter but after changing it to: "Never generalise", which is generalising. https://t.co/jayDmkidE8

    #SAelections2019 #SouthAfrica "Black Consciousness", Biko's philosophy is promotional for Divided Party (DiP); consciousness and self determination is positively correlated. Biko by Peter Gabriel: banned and listened to when it was not comprehended. https://t.co/VmpS2RWIK4

    #SAelections2019 #SouthAfrica Politics must use Truth and Love as starting points. Example: Working on plans for "nation building" must start at reality; a divided South Africa. First the political system must match reality, then start building. Vote Divided Party (DiP). https://t.co/68hwZeuIUc

    #education #politics #VoteDiPunitingSA The whole Africa should be divided into self governing language areas and each child should learn a second language.


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