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500 000
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186 days ago14 Aug 2018
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195 days31 Aug 2019

Africahead Ipparts are bakt by 48% of the Africahead brand value and will never be sold in another form than AFA.

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Started 14 August 2018
6 months ago
Development statusWorking product
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromAugust 2018
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    Team fromSouth Africa
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    Total tokens48000000
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    by @mdpienaar 0 followers

    #Gender #Politics A CONTRADICTION of gender politics, which indicates probable selfishness because of profits in the medical industry: They say many different genders are relevant, yet, they promote treatments for changes, in favour of only two "genders". https://t.co/aK6D3auJGs

    Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" and reasoning about causes of the 2nd world war. Something similar is happening. Article, much more explicit than Hitler's book. It implies how important non-centralisation of wealth for orderly societies can be; poverty - sex. https://t.co/Tfk7InnOYz

    #SApolitics #SAelections2019 @DividedParty (DiP) has no allies in foreign countries. DiP is therefore well positioned to represent all SAns, not foreign interests. South Africa's interests come first.

    the few at the "top" usually ally with foreigners who import raw materials from africa into foreign countries, and export foreign technology and products to africa countries. they ally with foreigners against fellow citizens in africa. https://t.co/XH7Yf0UXVI

    #SAelections2019 #SApolitics @DividedParty : Big mistake to privatise electricity supply because it will benefit only the owners of Eskom. Electricity, like other infrastructure should be supplied free of charge because it is a good way of oiling the economy. https://t.co/0lyCeWp3oD

    #SApolitics #SAelections2019 Retweet? JOB OPPORTUNITY - Long term! 1) Selling Africahead Ipparts (AFA), Erc20 Ethereum brand tokens 2) Selling Moiom (MIM), Erc20 Ethereum utility tokens 3) Raising tax deductible donations for @DividedParty / Selling MIM Commission: 20/120 %. https://t.co/2zkLNZVxFu

    #SApolitics #SAelections2019 #SAelection2019 First decision for voters: Voting either false "Unity" or for self-determination (SD). @DividedParty (DiP): The party drawing votes for the idea SD from all SAns. Tax deductible donations to DiP includes MOIOM (MIM) tokens. https://t.co/0ZfVDoCUYv

    #SApolitics #SAelections2019 Fund @DividedParty ; buy tokens; 1) Africahead Ipparts (AFA), legally backed by 48% of the Africahead brand value 2) Moiom (MIM), a utility token, or by donating and deducting for taxation. At least R200'000 still needed https://t.co/aV25guN45W

    It will be good if in @DividedParty a dispensation can be negotiated according to which self-determination (SD) of groups will happen with the understanding, if a group needs help, the other groups will help. Flexible systems in which things can develop, with little written down.

    In politics an inherent risk is, leaders will make a mess of a situation, and won't represent voters the way they choose, especially in retrospect. In @DividedParty that risk is less because different groups are represented by DiP. A more holistic ground for decision making. https://t.co/FXAZeNLu3k

    The policy is simply to divide South Africa into different governance regions with negotiations. The constitution which is the "law" of DiP can be found at: https://t.co/cKMtu5yuMo. Each region will have its own policies. A proposal is to divide into language regions, but still https://t.co/NhK2rmX7bq

    #EconomicTheories Capitalism: Maximum prices/profit, maximise the value of a brand. Communism: Brands are foolish. Intequinism: The foundation of Africahead and @DividedParty ; brand values are maximised by minimum prices and sustainable profits. Any comments?


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