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ACA is the native token of ACALA Network. The total supply of the ACA Tokens will be minted at the launch of the mainnet and stored in the ACA Reserve Pool to be distributed to ACALA Foundation, Seed Investment Partners, IPO Participants as Reward, and the rest sold to the public.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typePolkadot
Hardware walletNo



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The Acala Crowdloan waitlist is open! To celebrate, we're launching a competition & ACA giveaway. Sign up now to get your piece of @Polkadot 's DeFi hub before launch🥧 https://t.co/7kK2oVIoRp

⚠️ Acala Community - Acala's layer-1 blockchain and ACA network token have not yet launched. Any sale of ACA tokens is not sanctioned by Acala Foundation and should be considered extremely risky. Please use caution and wait for official launch announcements from Acala Foundation.

The Acala team's Liquid Staking product is now live on @kusamanetwork on the @KaruraNetwork parachain. Time to unstake $KSM to move it cross-chain to Karura to stake for Liquid KSM $LKSM and earn from 350k in KAR liquidity mining rewards. LKSM/KSM pool also live on the 28th! https://t.co/8yLqN3Z3aH

The Acala Treasury has raised $61M+ from over 26k people around the world 💪 These funds will be donated from the Acala Foundation to the on-chain Acala Treasury upon launch of Acala's Ethereum-compatible DeFi smart contract platform on Polkadot. https://t.co/M8XRlxwBv4

Stable Asset Protocol, Tree 🌲, is the inaugural Acala Grant recipient! @NUTSFinance brings the Acala ecosystem a stable asset system with capabilities including stable swap liquidity pools and synthetic assets backed by closely pegged assets. More👇 https://t.co/tpI9Ruqwnx

You can now scale your Ethereum DeFi project to @Polkadot on the fully EVM-compatible Acala EVM+ for access to hundreds of thousands of new users and billions in new TVL, using the same tooling, like Truffle and MetaMask, that you're used to. Read more 👇 https://t.co/2dT7YeStCX

Due to unprecedented volume in the Build Acala: Ready the Treasury event, we've now closed registrations. We reached capacity of 50k registrations in 43 mins. KYC will continued to be processed until August 24th. Thanks for your support! More info: https://t.co/yPnACE4Wag

🚀 We're live! Watch now for details on 'Build Acala: Ready the Treasury,' an exclusive token event for the Acala community. https://t.co/yb4Odx9VRa


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