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ACA is the native token of ACALA Network. The total supply of the ACA Tokens will be minted at the launch of the mainnet and stored in the ACA Reserve Pool to be distributed to ACALA Foundation, Seed Investment Partners, IPO Participants as Reward, and the rest sold to the public.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typePolkadot
Hardware walletNo




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We have identified the issue as a misconfiguration of the iBTC/aUSD liquidity pool (which went live earlier today) that resulted in error mints of a significant amount of aUSD 1/

We have noticed a configuration issue of the Honzon protocol which affects aUSD. We are passing an urgent vote to pause operations on Acala, while we investigate and mitigate the issue. We will report back as we return to normal network operation.

Acala and @AstarNetwork have teamed up to accelerate the @Polkadot DeFi ecosystem 🤜🤛 This program starts today and will involve several collaborations and $aUSD integrations throughout the Astar DApp ecosystem. Learn more and join here ⤵️ https://t.co/yVRFKFIDqH

Here's a quick 🧵 on what we've been up to this past week... 1) ACA staking is back! Stakers will earn ACA-aUSD LP rewards. Since these are LP rewards, they earn trading fees. This means your rewards earn rewards. Follow this ACA staking guide: https://t.co/Hdo0qNGqqchttps://t.co/AnrJ16KVl5


$aUSD is an over-collateralized, decentralized stablecoin built as the native stablecoin of all @Polkadot and @kusamanetwork parachains. It can be transferred trustlessly to any parachain, without bridges. Let's build with aUSD🏗️ Learn more⤵️ https://t.co/z40dGvGqsw


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