Zaif exchange is one of the major Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges. It is owned by Tech Bureau, which last year secured a major investment from the Japanese forex brokerage Money Partners Group. Zaif offers trading both in cryptocurrency-for-cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-for-fiat currencies. The fiat currency, naturally is JPY.

Volume change
Total Volume 3 110 118.56 USD
858.89 BTC


#Stock namePairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee typeUpdated
1BitcoinBitcoinBTC/JPY$1 764 412$3 600.0456.70%SpotNo Feesless than a minute ago
2EthereumEthereumETH/JPY$815 932$120.9126.22%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
3NEMNEMXEM/JPY$486 131$0.05538015.62%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
4Bitcoin CashBitcoin CashBCH/JPY$27 119$126.300.87%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
5EthereumEthereumETH/BTC$11 018$120.570.35%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
6NEMNEMXEM/BTC$4 031$0.0556880.13%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
7CounterpartyCounterpartyXCP/JPY$2 358$1.920.08%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
8Bitcoin CashBitcoin CashBCH/BTC$529$126.730.02%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
9Pepe CashPepe CashPEPECASH/JPY$146$0.0042850%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
10Storjcoin XStorjcoin XSJCX/BTC$0$0.1050030%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
11Storjcoin XStorjcoin XSJCX/JPY$0$0.1087450%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
12CounterpartyCounterpartyXCP/BTC$0$1.810%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
13MonaCoinMonaCoinMONA/BTC$0$0.6589840%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
14MonaCoinMonaCoinMONA/JPY$0$1.230%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
15Pepe CashPepe CashPEPECASH/BTC$0$0.0040190%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
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