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SIMEX is a Russian cryptocurrency exchange and equity investment platform registered in the US. It offers trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several ERC-20 tokens and also supports USD & USDT. The SIMEX digital assets exchange offers investors a place to buy and sell investment shares, using a variety of methods to deposit and withdraw funds.

Volume change
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Total Volume 195 090 997.57 USD
53 908.55 BTC


#CurrencyPairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee typeUpdated
1BitcoinBitcoinBTC/USD$109 936 809$3 605.9156.36%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
2EthereumEthereumETH/BTC$38 931 906$123.1419.96%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
3EthereumEthereumETH/USD$37 312 353$122.4119.13%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
4LitecoinLitecoinLTC/USD$6 779 575$43.573.48%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
5BitcoinBitcoinBTC/USDT$1 991 307$3 630.521.02%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
6BANKEXBANKEXBKX/USD$60 095$0.0119260.03%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
7WincoWincoWCO/USD$29 765$0.0040210.02%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
8MallcoinMallcoinMLC/USD$20 310$0.0045530.01%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
9SharpaySharpayS/ETH$4 325$0.0003790%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
10MallcoinMallcoinMLC/ETH$699$0.0047410%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
11BANKEXBANKEXBKX/BTC$0$0.0448750%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
12Divi Exchange TokenDivi Exchange TokenDIVX/BTC$0$0.5250700%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
13Divi Exchange TokenDivi Exchange TokenDIVX/USD$0$1.2000000%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
14GoldMintGoldMintMNTP/USD$0$30%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
15AirWireAirWireWIRE/USD$0$0.1600000%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
16AirWireAirWireWIRE/BTC$0$0.0694830%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
17DiviDiviDIVI/USD$0$0.0113000%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
18GoldMintGoldMintMNTP/BTC$0$1.1778520%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
19BANKEXBANKEXBKX/ETH$0$0.0461440%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
20WincoWincoWCO/BTC$0$0.0071650%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
21GoldMintGoldMintMNTP/ETH$0$0.5488580%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
22AunitAunitAUNIT/USD$0$0.0388000%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
23SharpaySharpay * S/USD$20 281$0.0003170%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
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