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The BitKop cryptocurrency exchange has over 200,000 registered users. Out of these, 40% use the platform’s native digital currency, KOP coin. The BitKop project understands that security in the blockchain sector requires the efforts of all stakeholders. To this end, the platform strives to ensure that it only admits genuine participants to its ecosystems.

Volume change
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Total Volume 214 152 315.48 USD
59 317.68 BTC


#CurrencyPairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee typeUpdated
1BitcoinBitcoinBTC/USDT$56 458 547$3 616.6526.34%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
2EthereumEthereumETH/USDT$37 497 786$122.4317.50%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
3EthereumEthereumETH/BTC$29 374 239$122.2413.71%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
4EOSEOSEOS/BTC$28 300 514$2.8013.21%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
5LitecoinLitecoinLTC/BTC$27 861 864$43.4613.00%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
6QtumQtumQTUM/BTC$14 586 546$1.936.81%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
7Bitcoin SVBitcoin SVBSV/BTC$5 393 700$61.912.52%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
8TrueUSDTrueUSDTUSD/USDT$3 838 126$1.0059421.79%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
9TrueUSDTrueUSDTUSD/ETH$2 872 659$1.0055321.34%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
10TRONTRONTRX/BTC$2 729 335$0.0235481.27%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
11DashDashDASH/BTC$2 219 119$78.931.04%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
12Bitcoin CashBitcoin CashBCH/BTC$1 857 552$121.710.87%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
13TrueUSDTrueUSDTUSD/BTC$589 289$1.0052860.27%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
14Ethereum ClassicEthereum ClassicETC/BTC$391 787$4.110.18%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
15Paxos Standard TokenPaxos Standard TokenPAX/USDT$335 459$1.0069390.16%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
16Gemini DollarGemini DollarGUSD/ETH$0$1.0443160%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
17Paxos Standard TokenPaxos Standard TokenPAX/BTC$0$0.2715190%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
18Paxos Standard TokenPaxos Standard TokenPAX/ETH$0$0.7370070%SpotTransaction Mining1 minute ago
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