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AirSwap.io is decentralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges do not require a third party to store your funds, instead, you are always directly in control of your coins and you conduct transactions directly with whoever wants to buy or sell your coins. This makes it possible to create an account and right away be able to start trading. This exchange doesn’t charge any trading fees.

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Total Volume 50 003.74 USD
13.85 BTC


#CurrencyPairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee typeUpdated
1DaiDaiDAI/ETH$32 710$0.99167464.26%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
2MakerMakerMKR/ETH$10 861$509.0021.33%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
3RChainRChainRHOC/ETH$1 877$0.0230573.69%SpotNo Fees10 hours ago
4FunFairFunFairFUN/ETH$1 800$0.0037333.54%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
5StatusStatusSNT/ETH$1 020$0.0193852.00%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
6OmiseGOOmiseGOOMG/ETH$321$1.1406420.63%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
7AugurAugurREP/ETH$268$13.600.53%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
8BloomBloomBLT/ETH$237$0.0282790.47%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
90x0xZRX/ETH$232$0.2290620.46%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
10EnigmaEnigmaENG/ETH$182$0.3074890.36%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
11DigixDAODigixDAODGD/ETH$152$15.560.30%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
12AirSwapAirSwapAST/ETH$120$0.0265620.24%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
13Request NetworkRequest NetworkREQ/ETH$120$0.0200610.24%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
14district0xdistrict0xDNT/ETH$55$0.0111990.11%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
15adTokenadTokenADT/ETH$20$0.0063910.04%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
16ChainlinkChainlinkLINK/ETH$5$0.4323000.01%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
17Basic Attention TokenBasic Attention TokenBAT/ETH$1$0.1322060%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
18DecentralandDecentralandMANA/ETH$514$0.0345171.01%SpotNo Fees1 day ago
19Wrapped BitcoinWrapped BitcoinWBTC/ETH$360$3 612.720.71%SpotNo Fees1 day ago
20Binance CoinBinance CoinBNB/ETH$32$8.670.06%SpotNo Fees19 hours ago
21DatumDatumDAT/ETH$10$0.0007210.02%SpotNo Fees20 hours ago
22Kyber NetworkKyber NetworkKNC/ETH$5$0.1317900.01%SpotNo Fees22 hours ago
23ZilliqaZilliqaZIL/ETH$2$0.0169390%SpotNo Fees20 hours ago
24SingularDTVSingularDTVSNGLS/ETH$1$0.0114530%SpotNo Fees20 hours ago
25Bounty0xBounty0xBNTY/ETH$0$0.0034580%SpotPercentage19 hours ago
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