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The word JiYo can be found in the Japanese and Chinese language. There is a special significance in the word JiYo. Ji means self and Yo means to use. JiYo signifies the ability to use yourself wisely.

The Jiyo team has embraced Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision and are working to improve it in the Jiyo coin. We dream to bridge the GAP that allows everyday consumers to use cryptocurrency as the next generation of payment. Our goal is to remove barriers and make it easier for the mainstream consumers to adopt and use Jiyo. We intend to give the user’s confidence to use Jiyo as the method of payment for online transactions.

Jiyo is a privacy centred, decentralized (P2P) digital currency with instant and caters for anonymous transactions.

It was created based on the Bitcoin core and has been upgraded to allow Masternodes and Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol. With this new technology the network is stability is guaranteed.

Jiyo also enables governance after block 43200. The community can also contribute via proposals to enhance the Jiyo network

Website: jiyo.site
Source code: github.com
Social (followers): Twitter (654)
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