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It has a decentralized exchange, a decentralized e-commerce site, an OTC platform, a Virtual Masternode, and a multiplatform e-wallet. These five different business models all rely on the Exosis coin. This gives Exosis coin utility, unlike most other cryptocurrency platforms.

Exosis [EXO] is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. The most actual price for one Exosis [EXO] is 36.29 ₽. Exosis is listed on 7 Exchanges with a sum of 11 active markets. The 24h volume of [EXO] is 2 348 338 ₽, while the Exosis market cap is 14 267 485 ₽ which ranks it as #1047 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about Exosis [EXO] on

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Buy ExosisThe most liquid on Crex24
Рыночная капитализация Rank 1047
Самые высокие за все время
14 267 485 ₽ 24 BTC
70.88 ₽ 15 Apr 2019 % to ATH (95.34%)
Доступные ресурсы
Объем (24ч) Rank 901
393 197 Total: 393 193
2 348 338 ₽ 4.04 BTC
Vol / M Cap (24h)

    Exosis details

    Началo 20 Ноябрь 2018
    7 months ago
    WhitepaperWhitepaper thumbnailСкачать
    Development status On-going development
    Организационная структура Centralized
    Открытый исходный кодYes
    Tип доказательства Proof of Work
    Aлгоритм Exosis
    Аппаратный кошелек No

    Exosis График цены в режиме реального времени




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          by @Exosiscrypto 961 followers

          Now Exosis provides the top referral commission in the industry. Now users can earn 90% referral commission in all our platform.

          https://t.co/cX52uyNDUp updated with new design and animation. This month end we will update gateway payment and trading API. Through gateway payment users can create order without login to the website and pay directly from their QT wallet which makes our exchange decentralized.

          Exosis Exchange is live!!! Visit https://t.co/YR6hYj6w2J to check website Still more features need to be added which will be done before this month end. Suggestions are welcome from community members. Happy trading.

          Important ANN Kindly users don't send deposit to old Exosis address Get new address from your wallet menu once deposit enabled

          Long Waited Exosis Exchange testing site is live https://t.co/h6AMwbDcux Users will get dummy balance of 1000 EXO and 10 BTC for testing the site function Still some functions and utility of the site is not completed and it will be done in 10 to 15 days Happy Testing $EXO

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        • Биржи (7) / Рынки

          Exosis Биржи

          #SourceОбъем (24ч) FIATs
          1Crex2445.72% USD, EUR, JPY, RUB, CNY
          2Sistemkoin20.41% USD, TRY
          3BITKER18.48% -
          4Mercatox6.07% -
          5STEX5.06% USD, EUR
          6Exrates4.25% USD, IDR
          7Escodex0.01% -

          Exosis Рынки

          By Volume
          #БиржаПараОбъем (24ч)ЦенаКоличество (%)CategoryFee TypeОбновленный
          1Crex24EXO/BTC 1 075 179 ₽ 34.60 ₽ 45.72%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
          2BITKEREXO/BTC 434 499 ₽ 39.56 ₽ 18.48%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
          3SistemkoinEXO/BTC 324 469 ₽ 37.02 ₽ 13.80%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
          4SistemkoinEXO/TRY 155 469 ₽ 35.38 ₽ 6.61%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
          5MercatoxEXO/BTC 136 833 ₽ 39.28 ₽ 5.82%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
          6STEXEXO/BTC 118 971 ₽ 32.00 ₽ 5.06%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
          7ExratesEXO/BTC 95 836.02 ₽ 40.14 ₽ 4.08%SpotPercentage3 minutes ago
          8MercatoxEXO/ETH 5 791.20 ₽ 59.81 ₽ 0.25%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
          9ExratesEXO/USD 3 851.04 ₽ 35.41 ₽ 0.16%SpotPercentage3 minutes ago
          10ExratesEXO/ETH 310.16 ₽ 59.63 ₽ 0.01%SpotPercentage3 minutes ago
          11EscodexEXO/BTC 302.90 ₽ 40.83 ₽ 0.01%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
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          ** Volume Excluded - markets with no fees and transaction mining
          *** Volume Excluded - no fresh data from exchange API
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          GitHub Contributors:2
          GitHub Stars:1
          GitHub repository:Ссылка
          Частота кода:Ссылка

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