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    We are the first non-profit organization in crypto world and the first digital charity to have its own blockchain. We are also the first organization in crypto who has declared all the company assets on the website and on the discord channel. we try to be as transparent as possible. We are making a donation tracking system so anyone donating in CARE will be able to install an app and track their donations end to end. The application is coming soon, but we will implement a web tracking tool long before that as a prototype.

    We plan to be an independent charity helping people all over the world. we will employ individuals from all over the globe that will personally go to sites and people that need help and deliver goods. so we will not have to rely on any other existing charities, and this will help us operate in a transparent manner.

    There will be two types of funds in Carebit. The Emergency fund and a fund to help existing charities after screening and due diligence. Emergency fund will be delivered to the recipients immediately after any disaster situation to save time in helping those who need it quick. This will usually be given out initially from company funds and an event raised to collect donations later on. This will help Carebit to save time and reach any part of the world sooner than anyone else can.

    Carebit plan to deliver crypto cards to its team members and employees all over the world so the funds can be transferred to those individuals in a timely manner in case of any natural disaster or when we need to support poor and helpless children out of poverty.

    Carebit is a non-profit organization created to serve humanity. With your help, we can achieve this goal and through charitable donations to various organizations all over the world.

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