Terms & Rules

  1. 介紹

    1. 以下服務條款適用於coinpaprika的用戶,可以隨時更改知網站的用戶。
  2. 網站使用

    1. Any information provided on coinpaprika website is not an investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other advice. Coinpaprika doesn’t recommend buying, selling, holding or hodling of any asset. We suggest to do your own research or contact financial professionals that have expertise in these kind of investment before taking any decisions. Coinpaprika is not responsible for accuracy of data provided although it tries to make them as accurate as possible. You can use coinpaprika at your own risk.
  3. 用戶帳戶

    1. 可以通過填寫並向我們發送註冊表單或使用Google或Facebook等登錄提供商來創建coinpaprika用戶帳戶。該帳戶允許用戶訪問個性化內容。
    2. 每個帳戶只可由一個用戶使用。
    3. 您可以隨時通過向coinpaprika提交終止請求來終止您的帳戶。
  4. 隱私政策

    1. During the registration process the user agrees to coinpaprika using personal data processing, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (Law Gazette from 2002, No.101, heading 926, as amended).
  5. Cookies政策

    1. Coinpaprika uses cookies for the purpose of identifying users, keeping their settings, tracking sessions, generating statistics, and handling the targeted placement of advertisements.
  6. 由coinpaprika提供數據的使用

    1. Coinpaprika does its best to provide valid and error-free data, but does not guarantee this. Users are responsible for their own decisions made based on data found on the website. Coinpaprika shall not be held responsible or liable for the result or outcome of any trading or investment decisions made based on information found on the website.
    2. 不能保證無中斷訪問網站。
    3. 未經Coinpaprika同意,不得在網站上重新分配數據。
  7. In cases not covered by this terms of service, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.