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RIF Token


¥0.574247   (+8.4%)
0.00000987 BTC (+8.34%)
0.000465 ETH (+8.9%)
1h -0.01 %
24h +8.4%

Bitcoin set the foundation for the construction of a new Internet for the transfer of Value. Both the RSK Smart Contract Network and RIF OS were created as means to move this vision further with the hope that the new Internet of Value will foster prosperity and equality around the world.

RIF OS. All in one. Easy to use. Open Blockchain Infrastructure Services.

RIF OS (Root Infrastructure Framework Open Standard) is a suite of open and decentralized infrastructure protocols that enable faster, easier and scalable development of distributed applications (dApps) within a unified environment.

RIF Token [RIF] is a token based on RSK Smart Bitcoin blockchain. The most actual price for one RIF Token [RIF] is ¥0.574247. RIF Token is listed on 7 Exchanges with a sum of 13 active markets. The 24h volume of [RIF] is ¥22 120 881, while the RIF Token market cap is ¥286 776 398 which ranks it as #103 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about RIF Token [RIF] on

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    Source code: github.com
    Discussion: t.me
    Social (followers): rifos.org , @rif_os (1 505)
    Buy RIF TokenThe most liquid on Kucoin
    市值 Rank 103
    ¥286 776 398 4 929.00 BTC
    ¥1.56 17 Jan 2019 % to ATH (171.20%)
    成交量(24h) Rank 136
    499 395 823 Total: 1 000 000 000
    ¥22 120 881 380.21 BTC

      RIF Token details

      Development status On-going development
      組織結構 Unknown
      證明類型 Not mineable
      算法 CryptoNight
      Platform RSK Smart BitcoinRSK Smart Bitcoin
      硬件錢包 No

      RIF Token 價格走勢圖

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      RIF Token 過去事件

      26 六月 2019 4 months agoFSD Conference
      14 六月 2019 4 months agoUnchain Convention Berlin
      22 五月 2019 5 months agoReddit AMA Deadline
      13 五月 2019 5 months agoConsensus 2019

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            by @rif_os 1.51k followers

            HOW MUCH do you know about #DEFI on Bitcoin (#DEFI₿)? We are committed to increase Perspective and Education about it. @RSKsmart We look forward to collaborating with the rest of the global community to achieve this important goal. @lightning @Blockstream @RSKsmart #RIF

            WHY does #DEFI on Bitcoin (#DEFI₿) matters? HOW MUCH do you know about it? Together with @RSKsmart , we are committed to spread Education about the Open Blockchain of Bitcoin and its Characteristics. Starting with the basics Staying with the basics #DevelopingPERSPECTIVE

            We 100% agree with @jimmysong There are many reasons why we are #BuildingOnBitcoin, and that is one of them. We can't wait to see the International Community coming together in Uruguay this December. Don't miss it! #InternetOfValue #RIF #BuildingBridges https://t.co/cXbowYd7GH

            Have you ever heard of @labitcoineta ? Watch this short Video to learn more: They build bridges between communities in the Blockchain space, and we are very happy to support them together with the @RSKsmart team. Keep up with the great work! #RIF https://t.co/G9AqtUDe8Z

            Decentralized Stablecoins for all emerging market currencies are coming soon to @RSKsmart Collateralized on $RBTC or $RIF and allowing thousands of transactions on the #LuminoNetwork. #DEFI₿ #BuildingOnBitcoin #BuildingBridges #RIF https://t.co/gqT7bCuwob

            Congratulations to the @MuunWallet for this achievement. From our RIF_Payments team, we look forward to integrating Lumino with Lightning Network very soon and to continuing building bridges within the #crypto space. #DEFIB #RIF_Payments #MassAdoption https://t.co/jvDA6cVovn

            We appreciate your support @CoinMarketCap ! We are every day a step closer toward Mass Adoption, providing the Building Blocks for a Decentralized Internet. #InternetOfValue #RIF #BuildingOnBitcoin https://t.co/2uwhhRbAGI

            Providing the ability to store private information critical for users in a secure and decentralized manner, is one of our main focuses with RIF_Storage. You can learn more about Why Decentralized Storage is crucial here: https://t.co/VIwDlYMwk5 #RIF_Education #RIF

            100 % agreed. We thank you @APompliano for all the value you provide. We will continue our work to create a decentralized infrastructure on top of @RSKsmart to scale the technology even further. Aiming for a financial system that is more inclusive, fair, free and open. #Rif https://t.co/BVCHVJlQpS

            In IOVLabs: @RSKsmart and @rif_os , we are building the Infrastructure for the Internet of Value, but it is up to the Community to create the applications that will Impact Society positively. Thank you for spreading the message! #Finantialinclusion #RIFAroundtheWorld #RIF https://t.co/kSi4mLMLto

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            RIF Token 過去事件

            26 六月 2019 4 months agoFSD Conference
            14 六月 2019 4 months agoUnchain Convention Berlin
            22 五月 2019 5 months agoReddit AMA Deadline
            13 五月 2019 5 months agoConsensus 2019
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            交易所 (7) / 市場

            RIF Token 交易所

            #Source成交量(24h) 法定貨幣
            1Bithumb Global92.15% -
            2Kucoin2.87% -
            3Hotbit2.48% USD
            4Coinbene2.02% -
            5Bitfinex0.45% USD, EUR, GBP, JPY
            6Cashierest0.03% KRW
            7Coinall0.01% -

            RIF Token 市場

            By Volume
            #交易成交量(24h)價錢成交量(%)CategoryFee Type更新
            1Bithumb GlobalRIF/USDT ¥16 239 457 ¥0.577708 73.31%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            2Bithumb GlobalRIF/BTC ¥4 174 501 ¥0.566381 18.84%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            3KucoinRIF/BTC ¥635 841 ¥0.591411 2.87%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            4CoinbeneRIF/BTC ¥446 739 ¥0.565217 2.02%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            5HotbitRIF/USDT ¥331 116 ¥0.572245 1.49%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            6HotbitRIF/ETH ¥125 583 ¥0.582389 0.57%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            7BitfinexRIF/BTC ¥98 198.92 ¥0.573366 0.44%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
            8HotbitRIF/BTC ¥93 134.65 ¥0.579187 0.42%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            9CashierestRIF/KRW ¥5 581.30 ¥0.465018 0.03%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            10CoinallRIF/BTC ¥1 801.63 ¥0.571038 0.01%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            11BitfinexRIF/USD ¥570.56 ¥0.537799 0.00%SpotPercentage4 minutes ago
            12CoinallRIF/USDT ¥5.21 ¥0.173597 0.00%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
            13CoinallRIF/ETH ¥0.332127 ¥0.236507 0.00%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
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            ** Volume Excluded - markets with no fees and transaction mining
            *** Volume Excluded - no fresh data from exchange API
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