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P2P Global Network

P2P Global Network P2PX

重要: No current data for P2P Global Network P2PX. Last data input from 18 十一月 2019

¥0.004499   (-1.2%)
0.00000008 BTC (+14.29%)
0.00000354 ETH (+2.91%)
1h +0.07 %
24h -1.2%

P2P Global Network [P2PX] is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. The most actual price for one P2P Global Network [P2PX] is ¥0.004499. P2P Global Network is listed on 1 Exchanges with a sum of 3 active markets. The 24h volume of [P2PX] is ¥135.80, while the P2P Global Network market cap is ¥170 916 which ranks it as #0 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about P2P Global Network [P2PX] on

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      Wallet for P2P Global Network: 下載
      ¥170 916 3.00 BTC
      ¥0.165187 17 Sep 2019 % to ATH (3 571.69%)
      37 990 608 Total: 100 000 000
      ¥135.80 0.002415 BTC

        P2P Global Network details

        Platform EthereumEthereum
        硬件錢包 No

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        by @NetworkP2p 13.28k followers

        💎 ⭐️Great News!⭐️💎 ⭐️P2PX Banking is offering discount prices for those preorder their NetSpend Debit cards. Just follow the link below and fill your information. NO KYC NEEDED! ⭐️💎 https://t.co/95uq0hbtqA ⭐️💎 https://t.co/89md002DZO

        In light of so many questions where to purchase P2PX Token and the fact that some cannot purchase from some restricted exchanges we will offer a OTC sale. "THIS IS NOT AN ICO OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. Prices vary based on CMC current price! Link: https://t.co/XngbcggIWqhttps://t.co/3Bo6XYk8RY

        Thank you all for all the support. P2PX gained over 100% by the announcement of platforms launch. Don't miss your chance to buy our tokens at a lower price. Exchange listings are in pin message on @joinp2p https://t.co/l6yw9s72mJ

        Coin Market Cap has repaired as follows. Look out fellow P2PXers. P2PX is on the rise! Join in now and buy to support in the movement! CMC Repairs: Mkt Cap Circ Supply Overall Rank: 1095 https://t.co/1jbzUJKFG6

        Hello community👋 P2P Global Network Coin P2PX will be listed on https://t.co/bLK52rjtPg and would be made available for trades with P2PX/BTC, P2PX/ETH, P2PX/QPY, P2PX/USDC pairs. Don't wait up, head to #QuantaEx and start trading your favourite token🔥🔥 https://t.co/hrtuufybIu

        What people don't understand is your the holder. It hurts the holders to sell so cheap. Our focus is creating the product. 1. Find the floor 2. Rid the dumpers by buying their tokens dirt cheap 3. Where else can price go but up with a true community behind it! https://t.co/GjSGgvzvZc

        Go buy while price is lowest it will ever be! How can you loose? Guys this is simple. If you guys start a buying frenzy the price will shoot to the top gainers and draw the attention of more and more. Thats how crypto work. https://t.co/L0lRROZ6DB

        P2PX Preregistration Coming Soon. Get your P2PX Tokens today to save on fees for banking transactions to and from USD. In addetion to pay for your Unemployment Insurance benefits! Visit our all new website for all P2PX platforms! https://t.co/julKk3Rdnxhttps://t.co/MmKq5xTlHC

        🌟🌟🌟IEO COMMING SOON🌟🌟🌟 ✨✨✨REGISTER NOW TO GET YOUR SPOT!✨✨✨ Where? Instant Bitex Exchange: https://t.co/zr3voI2dDW ———————————————————— ▫️▫️▫️IEO BONUS ▫️▫️▫️ 2️⃣ As a special BONUS, all participants in round one and two will share in 2million P2PX! https://t.co/X3dEFkgtid

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              P2P Global Network 交易所

              #Source成交量(24h) 法定貨幣
              1P2PB2B0% USD, UAH

              P2P Global Network 市場

              By Volume
              #交易成交量(24h)價錢成交量(%)CategoryFee Type更新
              1P2PB2B ¥0 ¥0.004637 0%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
              2P2PB2B ¥0 ¥0.002321 0%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
              3P2PB2B ¥0 ¥0.005543 0%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
              * Price / Volume Excluded - Outlier detected
              ** Volume Excluded - markets with no fees and transaction mining
              *** Volume Excluded - no fresh data from exchange API
            • P2P Global Network 代碼進度

              GitHub repository:鏈接
            • What is Market depth?

              Market depth is a metric, which is showing the real liquidity of the markets. Due to rampant wash-trading and fake activity - volume currently isn't the most reliable indicator in the crypto space.

              What is it measuring?

              It's measuring 1% or 10% section of the order book from the midpoint price (1%/10% of the buy orders, and 1%/10% of the sell orders).

              Why it is important to use only 1% or 10%?

              It's important, because measurement of the whole order book is going to give false results due to extreme values, which can make false illusion of liquidity for a given market.

              What is showing Historical Market Depth?

              Historical Market Depth is showing the history of liquidity from the markets for a given asset. It’s a measure of combined liquidity from all integrated markets on the coinpaprika’s market depth module.