NS排名 4658

    ¥0.004253   (-16.99%)
    0.0000000100 BTC (-21.93%)
    0.00000017 ETH (-21.69%)
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    24H -16.99%

    What is the meaning of NodeStats?

    As we know there are many masternode coin listings out there. The meaning of NodeStats is, to get the information you need to be presented right away. No more browsing around to find the right information and no more using the calculator. Then there will be a blockchain voting system, where we use the NS coin for voting on different things on the website. It could be a coin listing or a new feature. This is to give the users the option for influence on what they need on the website. So it will not always be up to the coin developers to list on the service, but now the users can too. The new votings will be posted here when we are ready so keep an eye on the website. To request a coin or a feature, the user needs to join the discord server and post their suggestions in the request channels. Then we will look at them, and make votings from them. I hope this new website will bring you a lot of useful information for your investing, and that you will use the system for future listings and features.

    Premine: 1 000 000 NS

    Nodestats [NS] 是一 加密货币有自己的区块链. 最准确的价格 Nodestats [NS] is ¥0.004253. Nodestats 展示在2个交易所,共有3个活跃市场。 24H交易量 [NS] 是 ¥369.94, 同时 Nodestats 市值为 ¥0 让它排名#4658 所有加密货币 您可以查看更多关于Nodestats [NS]的信息,就在

    市值 排名 4658
    ? USD
    ¥14.85 10 Mar 2021 % to ATH (349 008.47%)
    成交量(24H) 排名 4338
    ? 最大: 21 000 000
    ¥369.94 0.000870 BTC
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