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Launched on 23/03/2021 on the Binance Smart Chain, $LEM is a deflationary token with automatic, frictionless yield farming. A 5% tax is applied to every transaction: 3% is locked forever in LEM/BNB liquidity and is 2% distributed to holders proportionate to their holdings.

Frictionless Yield Farming
No need to create liquidity and to provide your keys! LEM tokens remain in holder’s wallets and they receive the 2% tax distribution without paying gas fees. This means no risk of impermanent loss when compared to traditional yield farming, and no risk of losing funds to malicious smart-contracts. This system rewards long term holders and penalizes speculators.

Hyper-Deflationary and Ever-Rising Price Floor
55% of the supply was burned (=sent to the dead address) at launch. This also receives an allocation of the 2% tax mentioned above, the protocol effectively burns LEM tokens automatically, with an exponential increase over time. In addition the 3% liquidity tax is locked forever, essentially burning those tokens as well. These two features create hyper-deflationary pressures and an ever rising price floor for LEM.

Ownership of the contract renounced - 100% decentralized
Similar to Bitcoin, the dev is anonymous and gifted LEM to the community who is now fully in charge. The key differences are mentioned above, additionally all supply was minted at launch. No more interactions with the contract are possible - ownership was transferred to the burn address, thus eliminating any malicious manipulation through the LEM contract itself.

Use-Cases & Future Developments
Starting as meme coin with a full story telling website (available on v2 soon), LEM plans to develop:
- NFT Farming & Marketplace
- Games
- Mechanisms for $LEM to Support Real-World Charities

LEMUR [LEM] 是一 代币基于 Binance Coin 区块链. 最准确的价格 LEMUR [LEM] is ¥0.000008. LEMUR 展示在1个交易所,共有1个活跃市场。 24H交易量 [LEM] 是 ¥411.58, 同时 LEMUR 市值为 ¥0 让它排名#4664 所有加密货币 您可以查看更多关于LEMUR [LEM]的信息,就在

市值 排名 4664
¥0.000129 18 May 2021 % to ATH (1 502.48%)
成交量(24H) 排名 4359
? 最大: 1 000 000 000 000
¥411.58 0.001056 BTC
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