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PCL Ranking 11739 Ranking 11739

0,000783 zł (-0.84%)
0,000783 zł (-0.84%)
0.00000006 ETH (-0.83%)
0.00000000 BTC (-1.74%)
0,000779 zł 24h Range 0,000794 zł

Peculium (PCL) Metrics

Kapitalizacja rynku
no data
All Time High
0,470804 zł 18 May 22 % to ATH (60 035.70%)
Wolumen (24h) Ranking 11728
0,006182 zł 0,000000 BTC
Dostępne zasoby
no data Total:220 456 030

Peculium Wykres ceny

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About Peculium

Since 2017, PECULIUM has strived to bring advanced investment and wealth management services to the world of Digital Assets. In 4 years, we have been taking steps into the unbeaten paths to realize our mission: give customers the best chance of investment success and bring many people's imaginations of blockchain to life.

PCL is an BEP-20 multi-utility token granting access to PECULIUM services and rewards to users and stakeholders. It is more than just a tradable asset, it is an investment in our community’s future.

PECULIUM is a team of Early adopters of blockchain, data science experts, and tech fans. We work together to balance experience and intelligence, opportunity and innovation to achieve something significant, be positive disruptors, and change how people can harness data to invest and save.

PECULIUM has developed the SAIΞVE app, a wealth management platform for Digital Assets. SAIΞVE App combines Artificial intelligence and Smart contracts, implementing elements from traditional savings and investments with all-data-driven decision investments making. The technology underlying our SAIΞVE App is based on decades of knowledge and experience gained from academia and tier 1 investment banking software development. Our analytics engine has been extensively tested in different sectors and economic cycles and has shown consistent performance and superior insights.

Our High-Yield Savings Account BELIΞVE, the first earning program, relies on a long-only based investment strategy that creates return in the upward momentum at spots markets. Composed of various models, while it lowers volatility for more stable investment, it generates robust high returns.

Peculium [PCL] jest token bazuje na Binance Coin blockchain. Najbardziej aktualna cena dla Peculium [PCL] is 0,000783 zł. Peculium jest notowany na 1 giełdach z sumą aktywnych rynków 2. Wolumen z 24h [PCL] jest 0,006182 zł, podczas gdy Peculium kapitalizacja jest 0 zł co klasyfikuje to jako #11739 z wszystkich kryptowalut. Możesz znaleźć więcej informacji na temat Peculium [PCL] na peculium.io

PCL Markety

# Giełda Para Wolumen (24h) Cena Wolumen (%) Kategoria Rodzaj opłaty Zaktualizowane
1 $0.000786$0.00019950.000000%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
2 $0.000786$0.00019950.000000%SpotPercentage2 minutes ago
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Wiadomości All News

Peculium Basics

Status rozwoju Beta version
Struktura org. Centralized
Konsensus sieci Not mineable
Algorytm None
Portfel sprzętowy Yes
Rozpoczęcie 24 January 2018
over 6 years ago
Adres strony
WalletCoins Mobile App
Asset typeToken
Contract Address
Explorers (1)
  • Platform (360)
  • Smart Contracts (507)
  • Internet Of Things (34)
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) (314)
  • Finance & Banking (192)
  • Assets Management (168)
  • Big Data & Data Storage (150)
  • Binance Coin (BNB) Token (BEP-20) (12574)

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Peculium Team

CEO & Сo-founder
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Data Officer
Project Manager
Business Developer
Business Developer
UI/UX Designer
Head of Marketing
Chief Security Officer
PR Manager
Tech Lead
Chief Data Officer
Senior Data Scientist
Tech Lead
Lead Software Engineer
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Devoloper
Chief Operating Officer
Deputy CEO