Intelligent Investment Chain

Intelligent Investment Chain IIC

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IIC, initiated by Singapore IIC Foundation, is committed to the development of the public chain in the field of financial ecology and has owned the landing of DApps in the whole ecological financial scene based on the public chain. IICPay is the first decentralized intelligent investment and consultation platform, which has been created under the financial system of intelligent investment blockchain. It is also a decentralized platform of financial investment strategy management based on AI, big data algorithm analysis, robot learning and other technologies, aiming to become the pioneer representative of the third generation of blockchain financial investment. Through blockchain technology, continuous optimization of consensus mechanism, increased transaction processing speed, diversification of smart contract and scalability enhancement are able to be achieved to help ordinary investors make safe, efficient and accurate decisions on investment and asset management, allocating and optimizing the effectiveness of asset management globally; it also promotes the innovation and evolution of the global financial investment industry, becoming the Blackstone Group in the area of the application under blockchain financial scenarios.IIC (coin), as the basic token for the operation of the intelligent investment platform, has been issued on the basis of the bottom chain of Ethereum and Ethereum smart contract with supply of 21 billion. IIC is a type of basic tool for users under the intelligent investment platform to carry out such activities as strategy execution, strategy production, project initiation, etc..

Intelligent Investment Chain [IIC] jest token bazuje na Ethereum blockchain. Najbardziej aktualna cena dla Intelligent Investment Chain [IIC] is 0,000408 zł. Intelligent Investment Chain jest notowany na 3 giełdach z sumą aktywnych rynków 5. Wolumen z 24h [IIC] jest 339 868 zł, podczas gdy Intelligent Investment Chain kapitalizacja jest 0 zł co klasyfikuje to jako #1806 z wszystkich kryptowalut. Możesz znaleźć więcej informacji na temat Intelligent Investment Chain [IIC] na

Kapitalizacja rynku Ranking 1806
All Time High
0,050489 zł 17 May 2018 % to ATH (12 266.38%)
Dostępne zasoby
Wolumen (24h) Ranking 639
? Total: 21 000 000 000
339 868 zł 8,32 BTC
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