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    CENTERCOIN will provide a complete digital cash / chip / symbolic currency management solution.

    Core Data Field Blocking: To ensure the fairness of the data, we have put the business transaction data
    in blockchain so that the data cannot be modified based on the characteristics of the blockchain. At the same time, we have opened a blockchain browser to enable clients to view transaction details easily.
    Combination of Centralized Structure and Blockchain: The platform combines the centralization structure and blockchain, ensuring openness and transparency of the data under the premise of assuring business performance by fully exploiting the technical merits of both centralization and blockchain.

    Scalability & High Availability: When designing the platform structure, we will use scalability and high-availability technology to quickly scale without refactoring as workloads and client numbers grow.
    We will expand the platform ecosystem by listing thousands of developers through opening the platform. A smart contract is like an automatic warranty account for users. If certain conditions are met, the program will automatically release the funds. On the surface, smart contracts are code that store, authenticate, and execute blockchain. Unlike traditional service codes, smart contracts are visible to everyone. This is because all the code for smart contracts is in the blockchain. In addition, smart contracts are not limited to specific hardware. In fact, the code of smart contracts is executed by all participating hardware.

    Premine: 3.500.000.000 CENT

    CENTERCOIN [CENT] jest kryptowaluta z własnym blockchainem. Najbardziej aktualna cena dla CENTERCOIN [CENT] is 0,000724 zł. CENTERCOIN jest notowany na giełdach 3 z sumą aktywnych rynków 3. Wolumen z 24h [CENT] jest 77,44 zł, podczas gdy CENTERCOIN kapitalizacja jest 0 zł co klasyfikuje to jako #2160 z wszystkich kryptowalut Możesz znaleźć więcej informacji na temat CENTERCOIN [CENT]

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