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    Cowry (COW) is a next-generation, hybrid cryptocurrency based on Proof of Stake (POS) mining and Masternodes. It is a fork of the open-source project of PIVX. COW aims to become a quintessential cryptocurrency. It combines the pre-existing core features of other cryptocurrencies and refines them to produce a single currency capable to function with their strengths but without their deficiencies.Through inventing COWRY, we initiated a cryptocurrency that would allow for safe and secure storage of COWRY in a cryptographic, digital wallet. Besides, we have developed a fiscal pattern that would generate income for COWRY holders, while utilizing COW for the security of the COWRY blockchain. COW has the ability to provide near-instant payments through SwiftTX. This allows COWRY holders the ability to transfer COWRY within seconds across a global network of Masternodes. One of our foremost goals is to create and promote a gambling platform with COWRY as its primary currency. COWRY will also partner with already established or new gambling platforms with aim of integrating it into their platforms.

    Premine: 140 000 COW

    COWRY [COW] это криптовалюта с собственным блокчейном. Наиболее актуальная цена для COWRY [COW] is 0.341615 ₽. COWRY торгуется на {Exchange Count} биржах с количеством активных рынков {Markets Count}. 24 часовой объём [COW] это 99.41 ₽, в то время COWRY рыночная капитализация составляет 0 ₽ что оценивает его как №0 из всех криптовалют Вы можете найти больше информации о COWRY [COW] на

    Обсуждение , Discord
    Социальные медиа @Cowryofficial
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