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    CashHand is based on the design of Stake Proof and Masternode coins.
    The cryptocurrency industry has given rise to a new market and with that CashHand has taken on the mission of initiating changes in the market, so that the world could take advantage of the various opportunities that the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain industries have to offer.

    CashHand aims to be a payment gateway provider, in-app or in small payments for any type of payments imaginable. Currently, cell phones use assets called "App Store" that can be purchased through a FIAT gateway (credit card, PayPal, picpay etc.) or prepaid cards that can be ordered
    through the same gateways. CashHand believes that this can also be achieved by offering our cryptographic asset as a way to pay for these transactions.

    CashHand believes it is a great addition to the introduction of a gateway payment for online webshops, certainly for webshops offering low-priced products. Many of them are offering FIAT payment options that come with additional fees or transaction costs that make the product that was cheap a much more expensive service. With low fees on CashHand blockchain network transactions, the actual transaction costs will be much lower, and online stores can compete with the "big market giants.

    Premine: 100 000 000 CHND

    CashHand [CHND] это криптовалюта с собственным блокчейном. Наиболее актуальная цена для CashHand [CHND] is 0.080069 ₽. CashHand торгуется на {Exchange Count} биржах с количеством активных рынков {Markets Count}. 24 часовой объём [CHND] это 346 374 ₽, в то время CashHand рыночная капитализация составляет 6 081 457 ₽ что оценивает его как №985 из всех криптовалют Вы можете найти больше информации о CashHand [CHND] на

    Исходный код
    Рыночная капитализация Ранг 985
    Пик цены
    6 081 457 ₽ 1.000000 BTC
    14.25 ₽ 03 Dec 2020 % to ATH (17 702.16%)
    Циркулирующее предложение
    Объем (24 ч) Ранг 1239
    75 953 622 Общее количество: 100 000 000
    346 374 ₽ 0.086519 BTC
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