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What Is TORG (TORG)?
TORG is not your regular cryptocurrency. It is the world’s first utilimeme that is sustainability driven, utility-focused and completely decentralized. It aims to increase economic activity, new development opportunities for the world’s youth and alleviation of the economic constraints facing the world’s marginalised populations.

TORG’s concept is guided by its Mission of shaping a brighter future of finance for mankind, and is manifested not only in the concept, but also the rules embedded in the cryptography, the complete decentralization of its administration and the role of the TORG FOUNDATION that ensures that the currency stays true to its Mission and value proposition.

Who Are the Founders of TORG?
TORG was founded by TORG FOUNDATION and managed by TORG Community, according to his Twitter profile.

What Makes TORG Unique?
TORG’s uniqueness stems from the core and interlinked concepts of sustainability, global utility and complete decentralization, that together constitute its value proposition.

How Many TORG Are There in Circulation?
TORG was launched on 20th July 2021, where, both the total and the max supply of TORG is 777Billion (777,000,000,000) and the current circulating supply is 100%.

How Is the TORG Network Secured?
Initially, TORG is secured as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is not open to pausing, minting and mining. TORG’s smart contract is audited by the prominent blockchain security and infrastructure leader Certik.

TORG [TORG] idir üzerine jeton Ethereum blokzincir. Biri için en gerçek fiyat TORG [TORG] is 0,024928 ₺. TORG 1 borsada 2 aktif işlem çifti ile listelenmiş. 24sa hacim [TORG] dir 385 930 ₺, bu arada TORG market değeri 0 ₺ hangi sırada3224 bütün kripto paraların TORG [TORG] hakkında daha fazla bilgi bulabilirsiniz

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