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Repo Coin, a platform that uses stellar protocol for token operation as a replacement for the usual ERC20. Our project belongs to the car repossession industry. Our project was developed by a number of professionals with extensive knowledge of the industry. Our major aim is to solve problems that are relating to insecurities of non-payment by the borrowers towards finance companies with the aid of technology and business solutions.

REPO [REPO] is a token based on Stellar blockchain. The most actual price for one REPO [REPO] is 2,16 ₺. REPO is listed on 2 Exchanges with a sum of 4 active markets. The 24h volume of [REPO] is 197 750 ₺, while the REPO market cap is 237 603 019 ₺ which ranks it as #150 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about REPO [REPO] on

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Satın alma REPOThe most liquid on BitMart
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Piyasa değeri Rank 150
Bütün takım yüksek
237 603 019 ₺ 4 462 BTC
4,46 ₺ 11 Mar 2019 % to ATH (106.44%)
dolaşım malzemeleri
hacim (24 saat) Rank 918
109 958 607 Total: 356 999 900
197 750 ₺ 3,71 BTC
hacim /M cap (24 saat)

    REPO details

    Beyaz kağıtWhitepaper thumbnailİndir
    Development status Unknown
    Organizasyon yapısı Centralized
    açık kaynakNo
    ispat tipi Not mineable
    algoritma None
    platform StellarStellar
    Donanım Cüzdanı No

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          by @repo_coin 1.38k followers

          Repo Blockchain representing at the N.A Repo summit in Texas! Lots of interest in the technology we presented. We debuted our license plate scanner at the summit. People can’t wait to take it for a spin!

          As a result of rising interest rates and longer term loans, today, more than 7 million Americans are at least three months delinquent on their auto loan payments, the benchmark for many lenders to trigger a repossession.

          Meet Ryan Leckie, the newest member of our team and an industry expert! Ryan is a seasoned recovery agent, CARS certified. He will help guide our company through the intricacies of the recovery industry. We’re honored to have him on board and looking forward to his input. https://t.co/BRfjsqc3T8

          Hey fellow blockchain enthusiasts! We’re glad to let you know we’re going to be much more active across all social media platforms from now on. For a direct chat with our team or to have any of your questions answered, join us on our telegram channel! https://t.co/X8tEshgXNp

          Car repossessions highest in the nation for Nevada. 1 in 62 vehicles are Repo'd. I wonder if the Casinos have anything to do with this? #Repo #crypto #NoLambo


          Rank 304
          Rank 304
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          Want to share with all any event about REPO?

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          #Sourcehacim (24 saat) FIATs
          1BitMart100.00% -
          2Stellarport0% CNY

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          #Marketçifthacim (24 saat)fiyathacim (yüzde)CategoryFee Typegüncellenmiş
          1BitMartREPO/BTC 111 712 ₺ 1,97 ₺ 56.39%SpotPercentage3 minutes ago
          2BitMartREPO/ETH 86 385,60 ₺ 2,41 ₺ 43.61%SpotPercentage3 minutes ago
          3StellarportREPO/XLM 4,95 ₺ 1,89 ₺ 0.00%SpotPercentage3 minutes ago
          4StellarportBTX/REPO 0,003334 ₺ 0,030392 ₺ 0.00%SpotPercentage3 minutes ago
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