Alpha Coin

Alpha Coin
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Alpha Coin the first tokens mining in the crypto money

Alpha Coin (APC) is an open source, Based on ethereum, Smart Contract ERC 20 of with special script algorithm. Alpha coin is based for the basis of first-class mining, experts were appointed to develop the mining farm

Alpha Coin It has many applications in the financial services industry. Almost every bank SWIFT messages are currently used to securely conduct transactions, but Smart Etherium contracts. This can cause the network to become obsolete. ...

Asset Type token
Contract Address
MCap'ten Benzer Madeni ParalarCrowdSwapCrowdSwapToken INToken INechoesechoesTraxxTraxxMAGIC MAGIC
Piyasa Değeri
En Yüksek Zaman
13,75 ₺ 12 Sep 22 % to ATH (192 204.08%)
Dolaşımdaki Adet
hacim (24 saat)
35 000 000 Toplam: 65 000 000
0 ₺
hacim /M cap (24 saat)
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