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Pre-Sale SCOIN

Конечная цель
110 000
Дата начала
09 Nov 2021
Дата окончания
09 Nov 2022

SCOIN Token is a standard token BEP20, intended for purchase and sale of products and services through online platforms, like: Website, App, and other digital medias. The token (SCOIN) has as its main objective to be functional in the real world, where it is already possible to buy products and services through ecommerce and application. Expansion: The site plans to receive orders in crypto from any user without the need for KYC, carry out the intermediation of purchases (Drop Shipping), thus receiving the order in any crypto accepted by the platform and making the purchase with FIAT on the third party site, thus bridging the gap between a user who wants to pay with crypto and a site that does not accept crypto as payment.

Белая книгаhttps://static.coinpaprika.com/storage/cdn/whitepapers/10681733.jpg
Веб-сайт: storecoin.app
Социальные медиа: @storecoincrypto
  • Обозреватель
  • Детали проекта

    Началo 09 Ноябрь 2021
    about 1 year ago
    Статус разработкиWorking product
    Организационная структураSemi-centralized
    Аппаратный кошелекNo


    Общее количество токенов4733480
    Доступно для продажи токенов3,155,560
    Цена токена на ICO0.10 USD


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