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End goal
30 000 000
Start date
09 Feb 2019
End date
31 Dec 2018

WinMiner is a 1-click smart mining platform, which allows anyone to turn their unused computing power into cash. The WinMiner alpha version has over 190,000 registered users and serves as an effective onboarding platform of a mass audience into the crypto world. WinMiner’s current offering will be complemented by a marketplace for trading Hash Power, followed by a more robust computer resources marketplace for additional computing power uses.

Token Allocation
50% Token Sale
30% Team, Advisors & Founders
10% Incentives
10% Reserve

Funds Allocation
60% Development
15% Branding and Marketing
15% Reserve
10% Operations

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Project details

Началo 09 Октябрь 2018
8 months ago
Development statusWorking product
Организационная структураCentralized
Active fromDecember 2018
Sold on presaleOngoing
Аппаратный кошелекNo
Registered companyUK


Total tokens10000000000
Available for Token Sale5000000000
ICO Token Price0.01 USD


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In light of Crypto price drops and weak mining economics @TeamWinMiner is rolling back its token sale and hibernating the mining on the WinMiner platform as of Dec 11 until market conditions are favorable to fulfill its Crypto to the masses vision see https://t.co/puMygdGiv4


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Idan Feigenbaum CO-Founder and CTO
Ariel Yarnitsky CO-Founder and CEO
Yossi Frances Chief Architect & Development Manager
Liat Shaham Director of Finance and Operations
Irina Grinvich Director Technical and Customer support
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