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Xander Ladage

General information

Xander Ladage


Passionate, striving for continued excellence, knowledgeable and eager to gain and cherish new experiences.

I have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in advising on and development of complex technical solutions at large international companies.

I love New Technology and convinced of what it can bring us. Next to my day job I am a passionate Blockchain / DLT enthusiast.

As a team lead or lead for new employees, I like to position myself as Sherpa, not as a guide.
Instead of showing the way and make others follow the footsteps (the guide), the Sherpa let people discover their own way for themselves, only stepping in when needed or necessary. Sherpa's have a supporting role in a team, putting their vast experience to good use only when others can't make it on their own.

In keywords: Business Architect, Senior Technical Consultant, Certified Professional Scrum Master, Agile, Team Player, Team Leader, Sherpa, Blockchain / DLT

Projects involved

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PillarPillarPLR#7468 472 194 USDTeam Member