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William Mougayar

General information

William Mougayar


Advisor, Investor, Mentor to Tech Entrepreneurs and Founders on Strategy, Marketing and Growth.

Deep focus on blockchain, since 2013 via investments, research, mentoring and writings.

Author, The Business Blockchain (Wiley, May 2016)

I invest my intellectual & financial capital, human network, knowledge and experience in startups.

Mentor at The Next36.
Evangelist at Influitive, focused on Advocate Marketing.
Founder & CEO of Engagio.
Founder & CEO, Eqentia.

An entrepreneur with 35+ years of Technology industry experience. Author of 2 books, Business Executive, Professional Speaker, Management Consultant.

Highly creative corporate marketing executive with general management experience.
An internationally-renowned original thinker, author, speaker and advisor on business-technology strategy and globalization issues.
Leads IT-enabled strategic engagements for clients.