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Started working in programming in 1997 at school and worked on the design of small programs with simple functions,
He majored at university in computer science and worked at the university and designed many administrative systems at the university.

2010 Started the process of working in the field of embedded devices (programming specialization) and put all of his attention into banking systems to facilitate payment operations, he did 5 projects for Arab governments and 3 for Russian governments to facilitate the collection of taxes, payment for gasoline, support for the low income earners and pensioners.
In this period he programmed smart cards and used Visa and MasterCard And integrate them with POS (Point of Sale) & ATM systems.

At the end of 2012 he joined the research and development team at Bitel for the manufacture of international banking devices in Korea ... He worked in this period on the development of many electronic devices in addition to the development of the way it works and the introduction of many technologies that interact with people.

At the start of this year, he moved to blockchain technology, specializing in the design and development of the programs on which he relied. During this period, he managed the programming department with many groups and increased his experience in this period until he developed banking systems based on Decentralization and Blockchain technology

Projects involved

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GenesisXGenesisXXGS#164438 762 USDDeveloper