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Peronet Despeignes

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Peronet Despeignes


Perry is involved in special operations for Augur, including strategic initiatives involving the financial sector, artificial intelligence, business outreach outside the US and project documentation. He worked as an economics correspondent for the Financial Times, Fortune and Investors Business Daily after majoring in economics at Harvard. Before the 2007 crash, he uncovered heavy insider selling by homebuilder executives, used futures markets to gauge the surprising extent of Wall Street's dependence on the Fed, was first to report the Fed's formal brainstorming over unconventional stimulus options and how the U.S. government's future financial challenges were massively underestimated. He developed regressions to assess which nations might outperform or underperform going forward based on which were "underpriced" or "overpriced." He manages various special projects for info services group Serenity, Augur and the Forecast Foundation.

Projects involved

Project nameMarketCap RankMarketCapPositionProject tags
AugurAugurREP#194268 433 924 USDSpecial Ops