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Paul Mokbel

General information

Paul Mokbel


An entrepreneur and technologist at heart. I have over 15 years of enterprise quality web-app architecture and development experience in the private sector.

I was introduced to computers at an early age and learned to use DOS before I could fully read and write English.

At the age of 13 - before the general availability of the internet - I was heavily involved in the Toronto BBS community, and had my own local BBS system (with a single phone line), as well as a local computer repair business.

Having been involved in dozens of high-volume consulting web projects (ranging from custom dynamic DNS server software, webcam driven websites, affiliate marketing systems and credit card processing), I developed the software that would later become SiteScout.

I have been involved in every level of internet business, from design and marketing, to monetization and strategy. I thrive on creating powerful software solutions for the real world.

Projects involved

Project nameMarketCap RankMarketCapPositionProject tags
AugurAugurREP#197251 965 397 USDChairman of the Board