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Pallas began working as a coder in 1984; by 1994 he had become a Linux evangelist. Pallas has been involved with crypto-mining and development since 2013 as a miner optimizer (for example the quickest opencl groestl kernels of the time), before moving on to wallet development and making miners for new algorithms.
He is credited with creating the first OpenCL and Cuda miners. After participating with the development of several coins including Gridcoin, and Cryptonite. In 2016 Pallas took the main developer position of Cryptonite (XCN), along with the original creator Bitfreak. XCN is the first coin using mini-blockchain technology and other advanced features. Beyond his role as a Core Dev, he also operates as one of our Programmers, a Project, IT and Database Manager as well as a Network Administrator, and Hardware technician.