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Josh Fairhead

General information

Josh Fairhead


rypto entrepeneur. I trade, I invest and I work in the space building decentralisation. Disinter-mediating trickle down corruption and fraud via governments and banks is my purpose.

Previous life as an AV media services specialist - I've built venues and studios from the ground up as well as freelancing around London for various large capacity clubs doing FOH mixes, Lights, Projections, Rigging & Sound systems. Experience with large format sound and lighting consoles and an ability to drive.

I've also got a strong ability in recording and mixing as well as it was my university background. However I consider myself more events based these days. Jazz to filthy D&B music floats my boat!

Projects involved

Project nameMarketCap RankMarketCapPositionProject tags
PillarPillarPLR#7468 361 462 USDProduct