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Igor Barinov

General information

Igor Barinov


Igor Barinov is an award-winning blockchain expert known for pioneering developments in blockchain enabled notary. Igor is currently a project manager of POA Network, a foundation that launched POA Network, which is open, permissioned and public blockchain network based on Ethereum protocol with Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus reached by independent, pre-selected validators. Igor devotes all his time to innovating around blockchain scalability and making open networks more affordable for businesses.

Prior to POA Network, the developer and serial entrepreneur co-founded Block Notary, a notary for the digital age built on blockchain technology. Data records produced through Block Notary products can be used as self-authenticating evidence based on State of Vermont’s blockchain application law. He also developed the first Know Your Customer (KYC) application recognized by the state. Concurrently, he built several closed PoA-based networks for various businesses.

Projects involved

Project nameMarketCap RankMarketCapPositionProject tags
POAPOAPOA#66511 458 216 USDTechnical Lead