US Spot Bitcoin ETFs See Outflows

US Spot Bitcoin ETFs See Outflows


By Jakub Lazurek

18 Jun 2024 (24 days ago)

3 min read


US spot Bitcoin ETFs saw $580.6 million in outflows after the Fed's hawkish stance on interest rates, while Ether products experienced inflows, signaling a shift in investor sentiment.

The bearish trend for Bitcoin ETFs isn't just in the US. Globally, digital asset investment products saw their largest outflow in nearly three months, exceeding $600 million. Bitcoin investors appear to be pulling back, signaling an end to the recent surge for US spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). After five weeks of consistent inflows, these investment vehicles experienced a significant shift last week, with a combined net outflow of $580.6 million.

Analysts link this change to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting last Wednesday. The meeting was more hawkish than expected, with the Fed maintaining interest rates at 5.5% and suggesting only one possible rate cut later this year. This stance on inflation likely led investors to pull funds from riskier assets like Bitcoin, causing outflows from spot Bitcoin ETFs.

US spot Bitcoin ETFs had seen 19 days of positive inflows, accumulating over $4 billion. However, this trend reversed last Monday, coinciding with a drop in Bitcoin’s price after mixed US economic data reports. The outflows were widespread. Grayscale’s GBTC, the largest Bitcoin fund globally, led with $274.3 million in outflows. Ark Invest’s ARKB and Fidelity’s FBTC followed with $149.7 million and $146.3 million, respectively. BlackRock’s IBIT was the only exception, attracting $41.6 million in net inflows.

The bearish sentiment also hit global markets. Digital asset investment products saw their largest outflow in almost three months, totaling over $600 million, as reported by CoinShares. Interestingly, while Bitcoin struggled, Ether products showed positive trends. They recorded a global net inflow of $13 million last week, indicating a strong outlook for Ethereum.

There are high expectations that the SEC might approve spot Ether ETFs by the end of summer. Analysts, such as those at Bitfinex, believe these ETFs could capture 10-20% of the inflows currently enjoyed by Bitcoin ETFs. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved 19b-4 forms for eight spot Ethereum ETFs from firms like BlackRock and Fidelity. However, the issuers still need their S-1 filings approved before trading can start.

The shift in investor sentiment following the FOMC meeting highlights the crypto market's sensitivity to macroeconomic factors. The Fed’s decision to keep interest rates high indicates ongoing inflation concerns, making investors cautious of high-risk assets like Bitcoin. This caution led to significant outflows from Bitcoin ETFs, reversing the previous trend of positive inflows.

Despite the outflows from Bitcoin ETFs, optimism for Ethereum remains strong. The contrasting inflows into Ether products suggest that investors are exploring opportunities in other digital assets. The potential approval of spot Ether ETFs by the SEC could further boost this trend, providing a new investment avenue in the crypto market.

The recent outflows underscore the dynamic nature of the crypto investment landscape. While Bitcoin ETFs have faced a setback, interest in Ether products shows that there is still strong investor demand for digital assets. The approval of spot Ether ETFs could capture a significant market share, balancing the bearish sentiment around Bitcoin.

In conclusion, the Fed’s hawkish stance has influenced investor behavior, leading to outflows from US spot Bitcoin ETFs. The global digital asset market has also felt this impact, with significant outflows recorded. However, continued inflows into Ether products and potential SEC approval of spot Ether ETFs offer a positive outlook for the broader crypto market. Regulatory developments and macroeconomic conditions will continue to shape investor sentiment and the performance of digital asset investment products.

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