US Investor and TV Star Mark Cuban's Crypto Wallet hacked
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US Investor and TV Star Mark Cuban's Crypto Wallet hacked


By Miles

16 Sep 2023

1 min read


US investor and TV star Mark Cuban's MetaMask wallet hacked; loses close to $900,000 in a phishing scam.

The famous US investor and TV star, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, lost money from his MetaMask wallet in a phishing attack.

He lost around $900,000, based on data.

Crypto expert WazzCrypto said on Friday that Cuban’s wallet might have been targeted.His wallet had been quiet for six months, but then all its money disappeared. The wallet, named “Mark Cuban 2”, showed strange activities like a $2 million transfer.

Talking to DL News, Cuban said he used MetaMask for the first time in months and felt someone was watching. He thinks he used a bad version of MetaMask, hinting at a scam. He also mentioned a Coinbase transfer he did to keep his other money safe. Only one of his MetaMask accounts was affected.

In the past, Cuban was not a fan of crypto. He once joked he preferred a banana over Bitcoin. But now, he speaks highly of BTC, ETH, and NFTs and has a big collection.

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