Ripple Challenges SEC's $2 Billion Fine

Ripple Challenges SEC's $2 Billion Fine


By Jakub Lazurek

17 Jun 2024 (25 days ago)

2 min read


Ripple Labs fights a $2B SEC fine, arguing for a reduced penalty by citing the Terraform case, impacting future cryptocurrency regulations.

Ripple Labs Inc. is fighting a proposed $2 billion fine from the SEC. The company is seeking a lower penalty, using Terraform Labs' recent $4.5 billion settlement as a comparison. In Terraform's case, the SEC's penalty included a major fine and a ban on co-founder Kwon Do-hyung from holding specific corporate roles.

Ripple argues that their penalty should be much smaller, closer to $10 million. They point out there are no fraud accusations and minimal investor losses in their situation, unlike Terraform's case. The SEC's legal battle with Ripple started in December 2020, accusing Ripple of raising $1.3 billion through unregistered XRP sales, which the SEC claims were illegal securities offerings.

This case is important for the cryptocurrency industry due to its potential impact on how digital assets are classified and regulated. Ripple had a partial win when a judge ruled that public sales of XRP did not break security rules, although institutional sales did. This decision suggests that not all cryptocurrency transactions will be treated the same under the law.

Ripple's defense strategy is to highlight the differences between their case and Terraform's. They argue that their actions were less severe and had less impact, making the $2 billion fine proposed by the SEC unreasonable. They believe the punishment should reflect the lesser severity of their actions compared to Terraform's.

The Ripple case could set important precedents for cryptocurrency regulation. A major question is whether XRP should be considered a security. The SEC says Ripple's XRP sales were unregistered securities offerings, which Ripple disputes. The judge's partial ruling in favor of Ripple adds complexity, indicating that the sale context matters for regulatory treatment.

If Ripple succeeds in reducing the fine, it could influence future cases in the cryptocurrency sector. Other companies facing similar allegations might benefit from a precedent showing that not all digital asset sales require harsh penalties. Ripple's challenge is crucial for shaping the future regulatory environment for digital assets in the U.S.

In summary, Ripple Labs' effort to lower the SEC's $2 billion fine by citing Terraform's case is a critical moment in their ongoing legal battle. They hope to secure a more favorable outcome by emphasizing the lesser severity of their actions. The case is closely watched for its potential to influence how digital assets are regulated in the future.

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