Pro-XRP Lawyer Predicts Ripple-SEC Case Ruling Timeline

Pro-XRP Lawyer Predicts Ripple-SEC Case Ruling Timeline


By Jakub Lazurek

13 Jun 2024 (about 1 month ago)

3 min read


Pro-XRP lawyer Fred Rispoli predicts a ruling in the Ripple-SEC case by late July or early August, highlighting key legal insights and potential outcomes.

Fred Rispoli, senior managing partner at Hold Law and a supporter of Ripple, has shared his predictions on the Ripple Labs and US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit. Rispoli provided insights on the case’s timeline and potential outcomes, engaging with users on X (formerly Twitter).

Rispoli, known for backing Ripple, expects a ruling by the end of July or early August. He mentioned that Judge Analisa Torres might issue the decision on July 13, a significant date in the case's history. “I’m predicting we have a ruling by [the] end of July/early August. Although Judge Torres could get poetic and issue it on July 13,” Rispoli said. On July 13, 2023, Judge Torres declared XRP a non-security, causing XRP’s price to double in a day.

Rispoli is skeptical about a settlement, saying, “The case can always settle beforehand, but I put that at 0% now.” This shows how firm both Ripple and the SEC are as they near the case’s conclusion. He also noted that issues not addressed in the upcoming ruling could still be settled later.

In response to X user XRPamici’s question about the SEC’s appeal options, Rispoli explained that the SEC “cannot appeal anything to do with its claims against Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen relating to Institutional Sales” since these claims were dismissed with prejudice. However, the SEC can still appeal decisions related to Programmatic Sales of XRP.

Rispoli discussed the roles of Judge Sarah Netburn and Judge Analisa Torres in the judicial process. He explained that both judges might coordinate to avoid a separate ruling from Judge Netburn on the SEC’s use of expert witness Andrea Fox if Judge Torres can bypass relying on that testimony.

“Netburn and Torres can confer and determine that the issue before Netburn (the SEC’s ‘extra expert’) does not need to be ruled upon because Torres sidesteps the need to rely on that witness for her ruling (a scenario that only happens with a ruling favorable to Ripple),” Rispoli noted. This could streamline the case and lead to a faster resolution.

In early May, pro-XRP lawyer Jeremy Hogan also expected a July ruling but prepared for a possible delay. “I’ll start watching out for a ruling in July and will be like wtf?!? in September,” Hogan commented.

Fred Rispoli’s insights give the XRP community a clearer view of what to expect as the Ripple-SEC case nears its end. His predictions about the legal process and potential outcomes highlight crucial moments ahead. With a ruling expected soon, the community is anxious for a decision that could greatly affect Ripple, XRP, and the broader crypto market.

As the case progresses, the coordination between Judge Netburn and Judge Torres and their handling of expert testimony will be critical. A favorable ruling for Ripple could simplify proceedings, while an unfavorable outcome might extend the legal battle with more appeals.

In summary, Fred Rispoli’s analysis sheds light on the Ripple-SEC lawsuit’s final stages. While a settlement is unlikely, the upcoming ruling and the judge’s decisions will be vital. The XRP community watches closely as the next few months will shape Ripple's future and set important precedents for the crypto industry.

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