MicroStrategy Raises $500 Million to Buy Bitcoin [Explained for Dummies]

MicroStrategy Raises $500 Million to Buy Bitcoin [Explained for Dummies]


By Jakub Lazurek

13 Jun 2024 (about 1 month ago)

3 min read


MicroStrategy announces plans to raise $500 million through convertible senior notes to invest in Bitcoin, showcasing their strong confidence in the cryptocurrency's future.

Tysons Corner, VA, June 13, 2024 — MicroStrategy, a company known for its strong commitment to Bitcoin, has announced a new financial move to raise $500 million. If you're not well-versed in finance, don't worry. This article breaks down what’s happening in simple terms.

What's Going On?

MicroStrategy plans to raise $500 million by offering a special type of loan to big investors. These loans are called "convertible senior notes," and they are due in 2032. Here's what this means:

Convertible Senior Notes

  • Convertible: These notes can be changed into shares of MicroStrategy’s stock.

  • Senior: They have priority over other debts if the company has financial trouble.

  • Notes: This is just another term for a type of loan.

MicroStrategy is offering these notes to large, qualified investors in a private deal. They’re also giving these investors the option to buy an additional $75 million in notes if they want.

Why Is MicroStrategy Doing This?

MicroStrategy intends to use the money raised from this offering to buy more Bitcoin. They believe in the long-term value of Bitcoin and use it as their primary reserve asset. Essentially, they want to hold onto Bitcoin like a savings account, but one that they expect will grow in value over time.

Key Details About the Notes

  1. Interest Payments: The notes will pay interest twice a year, on June 15 and December 15.

  2. Maturity Date: The notes are due on June 15, 2032. This means investors will get their money back (plus interest) if they hold onto the notes until this date.

  3. Redemption Option: Starting from June 20, 2029, MicroStrategy can choose to pay back the notes early.

  4. Conversion into Stock: The notes can be converted into MicroStrategy stock or a mix of cash and stock, depending on what MicroStrategy decides.

Why Should You Care?

This move shows MicroStrategy’s confidence in Bitcoin's future value. By raising $500 million to buy more Bitcoin, they are betting that Bitcoin will be worth much more in the future. This can influence other companies and investors who might see MicroStrategy’s actions as a vote of confidence in Bitcoin.

The Big Picture

MicroStrategy is a tech company that also focuses heavily on Bitcoin. They use their software development skills to create Bitcoin applications and believe that combining their business structure with a strong focus on Bitcoin will create value for their investors.


  • MicroStrategy is raising $500 million by offering convertible senior notes.

  • They plan to use this money to buy more Bitcoin.

  • The notes will pay interest and can be converted into MicroStrategy stock.

  • This move underscores MicroStrategy’s belief in the long-term value of Bitcoin.

Understanding these financial maneuvers can seem complex, but at its core, MicroStrategy is simply borrowing money now to invest in what they believe will be a more valuable asset in the future: Bitcoin. This strategic move highlights their confidence in both their business model and the future of cryptocurrency.

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