Ethereum Daily Active Addresses Increases, Beating Bitcoin's Count.
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Ethereum Daily Active Addresses Increases, Beating Bitcoin's Count.


By Miles

15 Sep 2023

1 min read


Ethereum's active daily users Increases, with over 1 million unique addresses in action. This shows growing interest in the digital asset.

Ethereum sees a big rise in active daily users. On-chain data reveals that the number of unique Ethereum addresses used daily has greatly increased (over 1 million Users). 

According to Santiment, a data analytics firm, only once before in December 2022 was this number higher. The “daily active addresses” show how many different Ethereum addresses were used in one day. 

Data from Artemis Terminal also Shows that Ethereum now has more daily active addresses than Bitcoin, boasting 1.03 million daily active addresses, while Bitcoin has 743,800

Each address counts only once a day, no matter how many times it's used. This helps us think of each address as one user. This number can show how busy the Ethereum system is on any given day.

A high number means many people are using Ethereum, showing strong interest in this digital asset.

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