Coinbase Gets Approval to Offer Futures Trading in the U.S.
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Coinbase Gets Approval to Offer Futures Trading in the U.S.

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By Miles

17 Aug 2023

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Coinbase gets green light to offer futures trading in the U.S. A Big win for the crypto company after past issues with regulators.

Coinbase, America's big digital currency exchange, got permission to offer futures trading to regular U.S. customers. This approval is seen as a win because Coinbase has had some issues with U.S. regulators.

On Aug. 16, the National Futures Association (NFA)allowed Coinbase to run a Futures Commission Merchant platform. This means Coinbase can offer futures trading, which is like betting on future prices.

People in the crypto world see this as a big step. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had some problems with Coinbase before. Now, some think it's strange that Coinbase got approval from one U.S. agency but had issues with another. Brian Armstrong, the boss of Coinbase, said this is a big moment for clearer rules on crypto in the U.S.

Traditional financial companies usually offer this kind of service. But now, Coinbase will be the first crypto-focused company to offer both regular trading and futures trading.

The global market for these futures trades is massive, nearly $3 trillion. Experts say Coinbase can reach more customers because of this new service. 

Coinbase first talked about offering Bitcoin and Ether futures trading in 2022. Now, they can offer it to all suitable U.S. customers, not just big companies. Although They haven't said when this will start.

Coinbase's share price (COIN) fell a little after the news. But this year, shares have gone up 130%.

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