Bitcoin Jumps above $27,000 Ahead of FED Interest Rate Decision!
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Bitcoin Jumps above $27,000 Ahead of FED Interest Rate Decision!


By Miles

18 Sep 2023

1 min read


Bitcoin's future is uncertain as the US Federal Reserve's upcoming interest rate decision could sway its price. Experts weigh in.

Big week for Bitcoin due to the US Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates.

Despite surprise US inflation data, BTC stays steady around $26,000. Right now, it's moving between $26,000 and $27,000, with no major events pushing it up or down.

Yet, experts suggest prices might drop. The US Federal Reserve's interest rate decision could affect risky assets, including cryptocurrencies.

eToro's Simon Peters reported that this decision could push crypto prices down. He said, "Central banks' choices about interest rates can make markets nervous. Cryptocurrencies, like other assets, react to these choices. Also If banks sound strict, people might get worried and sell their crypto."

Currently, Bitcoin's price has gone up a bit, trading at $27,150.

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