Binance's Secret Documents Soon to be Revealed By SEC
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Binance's Secret Documents Soon to be Revealed By SEC


By Miles

16 Sep 2023

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SEC wants to reveal secret documents in their case against Binance; Judge agrees. Not all will be shown.

Soon, we might see some sealed documents in the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) case against Binance. These papers were kept secret by the SEC, but now the SEC wants them to be public.

Judge Zia Faruqui, on Sept. 15, agreed with the SEC's wish to show these papers. There are 18 completely sealed documents and nine partly sealed ones.

For one week, Binance can argue against making these documents public. After that, the SEC will have one week to reply.

However, not all hidden documents in this case will be shown. Some papers, filed by Binance US's parent company, BAM, on Sept. 11 are still kept secret.

The SEC started a case against Binance US, Binance, and CEO Changpeng Zhao in June. The case talks about illegal sales and other wrong actions, including fake sales. In August, Binance US asked for protection against the SEC.

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