Best Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

Best Upcoming Crypto Airdrops


By Jakub Lazurek

25 Jun 2024 (15 days ago)

4 min read


Get ready to capitalize on 2024's top crypto airdrops, offering free tokens and exciting opportunities to expand your digital portfolio without investment.

In the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency, one of the most exciting ways to get involved without any initial investment is through crypto airdrops. These giveaways allow crypto projects to distribute free tokens to their loyal and regular users, benefiting both the projects and the users. This article will guide you through a list of over 40 anticipated airdrops in 2024, helping you enter the market effectively.

Crypto airdrops are a marketing strategy where projects distribute free tokens to numerous crypto wallets. The main goals are to increase awareness, reward early adopters, and encourage new users to engage with the project. Typically, the process involves announcing the airdrop, setting eligibility criteria, distributing tokens, and urging recipients to use, trade, or hold them.

Participating in airdrops offers several benefits. First, you can receive free tokens by completing simple tasks like following a project on social media. Second, airdrops allow you to diversify your crypto portfolio with tokens from various projects, spreading potential risks and rewards. Third, some airdropped tokens may increase in value, offering potential financial gains. Lastly, by participating in airdrops, you support the growth of blockchain projects, which can indirectly benefit you if these projects succeed.

  1. Pryzm Zone: Own Layer-1 blockchain.

  2. Kinetix Finance: Built on Kava, a perps exchange.

  3. Bluefin: A DEX on the Sui network.

  4. ClayStack: Ethereum-based staking/restaking platform.

  5. Init Capital: DeFi project on Mantle.

  6. Exchange on its own chain.

  7. Smog: Meme coin on Solana.

  8. Renzo: DeFi project on Ethereum.

  9. Entangle Protocol: Ethereum Layer-1 project.

  10. B² Network: Own Layer-2 chain.

  11. Mode: Ethereum Layer-2 project.

  12. Jupiter: Solana-based liquidity aggregator.

  13. Data Ownership Protocol: Ethereum privacy project.

  14. Scallop: DeFi project on Sui.

  15. Wormhole: Multichain token bridge.

  16. StarkNet: Ethereum-based decentralized rollup.

  17. Shardeum: Ethereum Layer-2 project.

  18. Base: Ethereum Layer-2 project.

  19. Scroll: Ethereum Layer-2 project.

  20. Sealana: Meme coin on Solana.

  21. Pacmoon: Community unifier on Blast.

  22. Basic Attention Token: Token for the Brave ecosystem.

  23. Telos: EVM Layer-1 project.

  24. Mintlayer: Bitcoin Layer-2 project.

  25. DeFiChain: Bitcoin-based DeFi project.

  26. Parcl: Perpetuals exchange on Solana.

  27. MetisDAO: METIS Andromeda Layer-2 project.

  28. Kamino: DeFi project on Solana.

  29. Berachain: Layer-1 project on its own chain.

  30. LayerZero: Omnichain blockchain interoperability project.

  31. Marginfi: Lending platform on Solana.

  32. Metamask: Popular Ethereum wallet.

  33. Ambient: Multichain DEX.

  34. zkSync: Ethereum’s ZK rollup protocol.

  35. Symmetry: Decentralized index protocol on Solana.

  36. Blast: Layer-2 project on Optimism.

  37. OpenSea: Ethereum NFT marketplace.

  38. Lens Protocol: Social dapp on Polygon.

  39. Linea: Zero-knowledge EVM on Ethereum.

  40. Taiko: Ethereum equivalent zk-rollup.

  41. EigenLayer: Ethereum restaking protocol.

  42. Fuel: Ethereum optimistic rollup.

  43. Atlendis: Uncollateralized crypto loans on Polygon.

  44. Zeta Chain: Omnichain interoperability protocol.

To participate in airdrops, follow these steps:

Stay Informed: Regularly check crypto news websites, social media platforms, and dedicated airdrop tracking websites for announcements. Check Eligibility: Carefully read the eligibility criteria for each airdrop. Common requirements include holding a specific cryptocurrency or following the project on social media. Set Up Wallets: Ensure you have the appropriate wallets to receive the tokens. Ethereum-based tokens require an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask. Complete Tasks: Follow the project’s instructions, which may include joining social media groups, subscribing to newsletters, or filling out forms. Protect Your Privacy: Avoid sharing sensitive information like private keys or passwords. Legitimate airdrops should not ask for such details. Monitor Deadlines: Pay attention to the start and end dates of the airdrops to ensure you don’t miss out. Verify Airdrop Status: After participating, keep track of the project’s updates to confirm your eligibility and the distribution of tokens.

To find legit crypto airdrops, stay informed about the latest projects and their promotional activities. Numerous websites and forums list ongoing and upcoming airdrops. Checking these sources regularly will help you find the best airdrops and ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Crypto airdrops are an excellent way to start your journey in the cryptocurrency world or expand your existing portfolio without any financial investment. By staying informed and following the steps to participate, you can receive valuable tokens for free. Always verify the legitimacy of airdrops to avoid scams. Stay updated and vigilant, and enjoy the exciting world of crypto airdrops in 2024!

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