Anticipation for Solayer Airdrop

Anticipation for Solayer Airdrop


By Jakub Lazurek

11 Jul 2024 (5 days ago)

2 min read


Crypto enthusiasts eagerly await the innovative Solayer airdrop, promising significant rewards for early adopters on the decentralized cloud platform.

The upcoming Solayer airdrop has generated significant excitement within the crypto community due to its innovative structure and lucrative potential rewards. Platform Background: Solayer operates as a decentralized cloud infrastructure platform built on Solana, leveraging Solana’s economic security and advanced execution capabilities to enhance developer consensus and blockspace customization.

Eligibility Requirements: Users must complete specific tasks to be eligible for the airdrop. These include visiting Solayer's website, connecting a Solana wallet, linking Discord and X (formerly Twitter) accounts, using the invite code 9BZSKB, making deposits (prioritizing native SOL and small amounts of other Liquid Staking Tokens), and inviting friends using a personal invite code.

Participation Criteria: To qualify for Episode 1 rewards, users must fulfill at least three of the following six criteria: deposit at least 10 native SOL, deposit in any other pool, participate in epoch 0, refer others who deposit, deposit for at least three epochs, and use all invite codes provided.

Episode and Epoch Structure: Solayer distributes rewards through a system of episodes and epochs. Episodes highlight significant product releases and community engagement milestones, while epochs refer to deposit periods. Episode 1 concludes on July 4th, with users earning hidden gems for achieving major milestones.

Reward Mechanism: Rewards are calculated based on the amount deposited, the duration of deposits, and a higher multiplier for native SOL deposits. Meeting more eligibility criteria increases potential rewards.

Future Token Prospects: There is strong speculation that Solayer will launch its own token in the future. Participation in the current airdrop and meeting the criteria can enhance the likelihood of receiving future tokens.

Withdrawal Policies: Withdrawals will reopen starting from Epoch 3, allowing users to manage their deposits and maximize their participation benefits.

Community Engagement: Solayer emphasizes active community involvement and rewards contributions that aid in platform growth. This approach ensures users are well-integrated and can fully utilize Solayer’s features.

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