ICO data from icodrops.com
170 000
(3 %)
End goal
4 500 000
Start date
07 Jun 2019
End date
05 Jul 2019

Zeux will transform existing complicated financial services and combine all the money essentials from both Fiat and Crypto world to help you towards your financial freedom.

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Project details

Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens750000000
Available for Token Sale17%
ICO Token Price1 ZUC = 0.04876 USD (0.00020000 ETH)


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We are doing some important updates to our systems and for the rest of the day the #BTC deposit function will not be available. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. https://t.co/oTg1R1qbkF

Hooray! Restaurants we've missed during lockdown are re-opening on 15th June. Take your summer-coloured Zeux card and enjoy eating out again. ⚠️Stay safe and don't forget to keep your social distance😷 #Zeux #Physicalcard #Visa https://t.co/NTJ5Z84VTZ

Do you believe cryptocurrencies will become the mainstream and where are you in this transition? We look forward to hearing your thoughts! https://t.co/xrE2qwOwRL @CityAM #Zeux #Cryptocurrency #Adopter #Payment

Bitcoin hits $10,000!The global #BTC market has seen an increase in market confidence which has pushed BTC to over $10,000. At the same time, we have seen an increase in the people joining Zeux and taking advantage by earning returns on their crypto investments(USDT, BTC and ETH) https://t.co/wxU5ks9Zhi

Zeux strictly respects the regulation and relevant laws for preventing any form of “inappropriate” use of our service. Social media may put us in a more vulnerable situation while that won’t stop us from doing the right thing to protect our legit customers.https://t.co/SD7k0ZqgwW

Are you enjoying the 2% Cashback on Amazon purchases? Send us pictures of you with what you have bought and we will share the best ones during lockdown. #Fintech #Zeux #Payment #Cashback https://t.co/WDqBtl8dGJ

CEO of Zeux, Frank Zhou’s comments have been published on @Bobsguidedotcom “The viability of digital currencies shows a potential of reinventing a parallel financial system to the traditional finance…” #Zeux #Crypto #Payment #Investment https://t.co/XP0s9S7ZbP

Bank of England paves way for negative interest rate and the move comes after Britain sold a government bond with a negative yield for the first time https://t.co/nCRNBhSaU4  Will cryptocurrency become a new direction of finance in the public’s perspective? #Zeux #Cryptopayment

You can use your crypto as payment through the Zeux Visa card and last week,#Visa filed a patent application to create digital #currency using #blockchain for central banks to digitise their currencies. Is this part of the big shift to digital currencies? https://t.co/dm5DEjNAwW

The government's response to the coronavirus crisis will cost taxpayers £123.2bn. The latest expected total would leave debt at 95.8% of GDP according to the @SkyNews . https://t.co/lDpK9dsgEb Time to re-think about the #savings strategy? Try #Amazon 2% cashback in #Zeux App

The Chief Legal Officer at London-based HSBC Holdings will join the #Libra as its first CEO according to @business ’s report. Did you know #Zeux has it's own digital currency? As a pioneer in the digital currency, Zeux enables crypto payment and provides investment products. https://t.co/D5rlgIp2sa

Global online ecommerce sales have increased by 74% in March 2020. Zeux will you 2% cashback on every Amazon order, find out more in the latest article from @SiliconCanals . #Amazon #Fintech https://t.co/QiJSx4H5FJ


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