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ZK Oracle

ZK Oracle is a Polkadot-based privacy-preserving oracle network, aiming to expand the application areas of Web3 applications in real business environments.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typePolkadot
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000




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At #ZkOracle, privacy-preserving technologies will protect users from potential risks and empower #DeFi with security and privacy. 💪 https://t.co/EwOvLwARSY

#Polkadot Ecology still needs a Privacy-preserving Oracle system to protect the data privacy during data and price feedings. #ZKOracle is the ONE and ONLY oracle enabling cross-chain scalability and privacy protection. ✨ 💪 We will keep working on the product. https://t.co/wAvGXBis2g

🎉To show our sincere gratitude to $ZKT community, hereby we will send our $500 worth of $ZKT tokens as our special thanks for all the support that we received😎 ✔Follow + RT + @ 5frds ✔Join TG ✔20 lucky winners will share $500 $ZKTs (Tokens will release before first listing) https://t.co/Xiopky1Bfq


🍻#ZKOracle is super excited to announce our partnership with @SEROdotCASH ✨🎉🎊 #ZKOracle will integrate @Polkadot cross-chain solution with #SERO's privacy protection technology🎈 For more details, please feel free to check this👇: https://t.co/BMf8jqVxfZ

🔎A look into the history of Internet industry development and findings on why do we need #ZKOracle to ensure Privacy-preserving and mass adoption of #Oracle Read this and find out more👇: https://t.co/YASKKnh0Xz

An Overview of #ZKOracle: Technical Architecture🔎 Future Roadmap🔎 Potential for mass application🔎 Read this and find out more👇: https://t.co/sQWMflvXcg

🔎A look at operation model of #ZKOracle system: A machanism with incentives to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of data📊 https://t.co/d8A2m8GnvP



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