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XFai is a set of autonomous liquidity management smart contracts (strategies) for tokens with low trade volumes and market caps. XFai allows holders of 'small cap' tokens to earn returns on their 'small cap' tokens when providing liquidity and therefore increase their position in those projects.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo



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🧨XFai Weekly Update! 💎Exploring new features and partnerships soon! Here's last week's update: https://t.co/eDW4XGVh6Z #XFAI $XFIT #XFORCE #Update #Newsletter #Blog

🗞️AMA Recap Last week we enjoyed a thorough AMA session with our community members! Didn’t make it? We got you covered 🙌🏼 Find the recap here: https://t.co/sY9RY9v04S

Next in the XFai Deep Dive Series, we discuss 'sllippage'. What is it? and how the DEXFai looks to tackle this issue. https://t.co/4OsQqpEhBd #XFAI #DEXFai $XFIT

📢XFai Weekly Update!📢 Here's our second update! Stay tuned for announcements on AMAs and Partnerships coming this week! #XFAI $XFIT #XFORCE #Update #Newsletter #Blog #AMA #Asia https://t.co/1o6RyeZSXD

Tune in for the much anticipated XFai AMA 🗣🎙 Time: Thursday, 2nd September, 2PM CET. Panels: Chief Scientist - Taulant Ramabaja Communications Lead - Shyla Bashir Partnership Lead - Daniel Kim Venue: XFai official Telegram channel Make sure that you don't miss it! 👀

As promised we're back with another update! 📋 This time with a Q&A answering YOUR questions! More updates to come! Find our Q&A here: https://t.co/Q5WKnjPuRl #XFAI #DEX #Update $XFIT

📢 XFai Weekly Update!📢 Here's our first weekly update! Stay tuned for announcements on AMAs and Partnerships coming this week! ⚡️ https://t.co/z8C8N3CkK2 #XFAI $XFIT #XFORCE #Update #Newsletter #Blog #AMA #Asia

Introducing the first article in XFai’s Deep Dive series⚡️ Take an in-depth look 🔍👀at AMMs, how they work and how XFai addresses the challenges in the space. https://t.co/CdqBocRcxa #XFai $XFIT

XFai is aiming to outcompete traditional CEXs and to create a more efficient market. Find out how the XFai DEX solves these challenges: https://t.co/99XHNWXviO #XFai $XFIT #DeFi #DEX

⚡️NEW SWAP FUNCTION AVAILABLE⚡️ Users are no longer required to go to Uniswap or 1INCH to swap USDC/USDT to XFIT. You can now swap USDC/USDT to XFIT directly on our Farming Page! https://t.co/lXUemSEXpV Scroll down on our farming page and click on 'Swap here' #Swap #XFA $XFIT https://t.co/cN0OhmF8e8

Introducing the XFai DEX - an evolutionary product built on the DLO! Find out how the XFai DEX is designed to solve the current issues in DEX and massively increase the benefits for the users. https://t.co/uIRnSp9Z6f #XFAI $XFIT #DEX #DLO https://t.co/8FQcAykvaY

XFai and Polkally reach a DLO partnership!🤝 XFai farmers can now win randomly assigned Polkally allocations. To qualify, you must: 1. Farm on XFai 2. Like and retweet 3. Follow @realpolkally Stay tuned for more upcoming partnerships! #XFai $XFIT #Polkally $KALLY #DeFi https://t.co/qmJaBTQGe2

Announcing the Exclusive Allocation Incentive Program for Farmers! From now, all $XFIT farmers can win token allocations of new projects launching on the XFai platform. Follow our upcoming partnerships and learn how to profit: https://t.co/QX3Vbm4Kdk #XFai $XFIT #DeFi #Farming

Announcing the new partnership between XFai and @ethalend , powered by the DEX Liquidity Oracle (DLO)! Find out how both $XFIT and $ETHA holders can benefit and generate revenue through the DEX liquidity provisioning: https://t.co/KboSovRuzF #XFai $XFIT $ETHA #DeFi

The transition of @Uniswap from V2 to V3 interface has affected many farmers. But you can still take advantage of the V2 liquidity pool and continue farming! Here’s our guide: https://t.co/tYuMHInI2g #XFai $XFIT #DeFi #Uniswap


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